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“The walls plows coming down” is a double skin of 5 553 pieces of foam made white via more than 33 000 cuts and 35 000 points of union that they promote the aireación colonised for 3 flowery varieties different: 350 daisies, 60 liliums and 150 weaved carnations via 50m of thread of nylon and sewn around a structure of 48 pieces of DM lacquered blank assembled in 6 vertical sections and 5 horizontal.

“The walls plows coming down” proposes a space of sensory activation that invites to the user to an olfactory experience. A mix of three fragrant species, daisy, lilium and carnation, envelops a small individual chamber doing of this a place favour for the subjective experimentation. It is a question of to change the traditional meaning of the relationship between individual and environment for another more balanced where these are built mútuamente expanding thus the frame of action of the architecture, developing at the same time, new techniques, new morphologies, and new ways of dwelling.


Alberto T. Estévez, Enric Ruiz Geli, Daniel Wunsch, and the Laboratory of Digital Manufacture ESARQ – UIC.

Work: The walls are coming down

Authores: Mireia Luzárraga + Alejandro Muiño

Year: 2010

Location: eme3. 3rd. Internacional Architectural Market. Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona (CCCB)

Report: Mireia Luzárraga + Alejandro Muiño

Photography: Mireia Luzárraga + Alejandro Muiño



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