The House I Dream Of

The Technical Top School of Architecture of the Universitat Internacional of Catalonia (Esarq-UIC) throws this week the initiatory The House I Dream Of. It is a question of a project of international participation directed students of secondary interested in the architecture.

During the next months, the future architects will be able to share the project of his dreamed house, contributing his reflection it brings over of the relation between the persons and his habitat.

The Esarq-UIC has enabled a web page in which ideas will be able to be shared in different formats: video, drawing, plane or text.

The term to send the offers is from May 15 to 15 of July.

All the received materials will form a part of an exhibition that will remove to end in the Museu Nacional D’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) on having finished the project in July.

The House I Dream Of is a cultural project that it is born with the idea of putting in relief the paper of the architect in our daily life, promoting a reflection brings over of the professional who has designed the place where we live. Across this initiative the students of secondary will be able to know the process of thinking a housing, of thinking it brings over of the different variables that are going to influence this process and how these will change depending on the country, culture or environment for the one that designs the housing. It is a question of the first approximation for those students that they are thinking of orientating his career towards this discipline.

The fact that young men take part without previous knowledges of architecture a space allows also for the ensoñación, for all those ideas that probably still will not be viable architectonically, but that express a concept of inhabitable wished place.

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