Texts of architecture of the modernity

Often it is complicated to have access to some of the most significant texts of the modern architecture. Exhausted editions, inaccessible copies, non-existent translations … they can provoke more than one quebradero of head. Welcome be books as Texts of architecture of the modernity, one of my ” greatest hits ” favorites.

Texts of architecture of the modernity it was published originally in 1994. Happily, last 2012 was publishing the third edition. The book is an absolutely useful tool that gathers approximately 80 fundamental texts for the theoretical comprehension of the architecture of last century.

The anthology is structured in 3 parts: “First they examine the beginnings of the modernity that they would coincide, somehow, with the beginnings of the industrial company and of the modern sensibility. In the second section they present the most representative texts of the moment of the forefronts hitóricas of the period between the wars. A third part corresponds to the period understood between the fifties and the present moment, inside which crisis becomes evident the pulatina of some of the premises of the modernity.”


David H. Falagán

Texts of architecture of the modernity

Pere Hereu, Josep Maria Montaner, Jordi Oliveras (ed.)

Editorial Nerea, 2012 (3ª ed.)

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