Tectonica 36 [textile architecture]

The monographic subject of the number of Tectonica recently published is devoted to the constructive system of greater ligereza structural: the architecture tightened. The theoretical content of the monograph has been elaborated by Javier Tejera, skilled architect in textile architecture, that examines the provision and possibilities of design offered by the technical fabrics in the realisation of envolventes architectural tensostáticas and presostáticas, as well as the criteria of calculation and project, characteristic, uses, installation and maintenance of this type of structures.

The monograph  complete with the constructive analysis of two projects characterised by the employment of textile solutions: the realisation of a removable cover for the floating swimming pool of the river Spree, in Berlin, by part of Wilk-Saltworks Architekten with Thomas Freiwald, by means of the construction of a modular structure of wooden arches that rigidiza the envolvente textile of mattresses of double membrane; and the Campus BBVA in The Moral (Alcobendas, Madrid), work of Luis Enguita, Paloma Lasso of the Vega and Enrique Azpilicueta, of façades entirely glazed, that protect  of the soleamiento by means of an envolvente of textile signposts deslizantes.

The section Constructive Analysis details the technical solutions employees in the Building of Sciences of the University of Columbia, projected by Rafael Moneo with Moneo Brock Studio. The construction, conditioned by the big challenge to have to raise on the 36,5 metres of a pre-existing gymnasium, resorts to a hybrid structural solution of beam in celosía and entramado tubular. The envolvente designs  like plementería in this entramado structural and resolves  constructivamente like a wall curtain of aluminium and glass.

The Dossier of Products collects the most interesting products appeared recently in the European market of the construction, loaning special attention to those own of the textile architecture, like technical fabrics, wires, anchorages and profiles for the fixation of membranes, revestimientos tightened for façade and inner, elements of solar protection and programs of structural calculation and obtaining of form.

Edit: A.T.C. Ediciones, S.L.

Directors: José María Marzo and Carlos Quintáns.

29,00 €. 114 pages.

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