Infantile workshops of Architecture: Sen moverte do sofá

The CGAC presents the project Sen to there move you do sofa (Arquitectives’s original project). A series of workshops of architecture that try to announce to the different participants cities with the help of other companions of the Spanish territory who, as them, form a part of the work. Across virtual connections, the apprentices of architecture, investigate and exchange information about the similar ones and the differences between the cities; his history, structure, models of growth and singularidedes, that help to understand, of global form, the places that we live. We will create a model of the city of destination (Palma, Madrid, Valencia, To Corunna), for despues to construct to big scale some of his more emblematic buildings. The constructions will be done from the System Lupo (of the architect Fermín Blanco): a series of modular pieces that allow multiple possibilities of combinations, forms, proportions, games of balance and strategies of action.


Children and girls of between 7 and 11 years


10 Every workshop will receive a group different from children and girls.


Sunday, the 27th of May. City of destination: Santiago de Compostela

Saturday  June 9. City of destination: Palma

Saturday June 23. City of destination: Madrid


From 11.30 to 13.30h / Activity gratuíta


The interested parties will be able to register from May 21, calling to the telephone 981546602 or sending a mail to indicando:nombre, age, telephone of contact and email address

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