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Utopía/Nutopia | Miquel Lacasta
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Utopía/Nutopia | Miquel Lacasta

The 60s were the age of the megastructures, the age of the Utopian dreams, the age of the revolts against the established. In turn they were the epoch of the construction of the imaginary common one. The age of a politicallly active, almost arrogant optimism; At the beginning of the 70, probably for pure law of the pendulum, it came […]

Kisho Kurokawa. The Tower Nakagin's Capsule
25-11-2013 One Comment

Kisho Kurokawa. The Tower Nakagin’s Capsule

The documentary The Tower Nakagin’s Capsule there re-visits the building of two towers concrete mixing plants to which there connect 140 prefabricated capsules thought as futurist niches for modern businessmen in Tokyo. Is it the demolition a tragedy or a natural phenomenon of the modern architecture? Will answer residents of the building, a historian of Architecture, an ex-architect of Kurokawa’s […]