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About of the Integration of the Arts 2014/15
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About of the Integration of the Arts 2014/15

The course of architecture About of the Integration of the Arts capture as point of reference the famous homonymous test that Luis Seoane wrote in Buenos Aires in 1962, in which, being based on his own experiences on the field of the muralismo, was exposing the narrow existing relation between the plastic arts and the architecture, putting as example the work […]

Reconstructs 'La Roiba'
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Reconstructs ‘La Roiba’

Inside Bueu’s inlet and very near Beluso’s beach, on the south coast of her laugh at Pontevedra, the small beach of The Roiba places, where the architect native of Corunna Ramon Vázquez Molezún (1922-1993), constructed at the end of the sixties a small housing for enjoyment of his family during the summer period. This small refuge constitutes one of the […]