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Monteagudo's country house. The ruin that it remains | Luis Gil Pita
26-09-2016 One Comment

Monteagudo’s country house. The ruin that it remains | Luis Gil Pita

“Vague reflections on Juan Navarro Baldeweg’s work in Monteagudo’s ruin. A Estrada. Pontevedra.” By María Moliner, Ruin: 1. Action to a construction sink. 2. Action to any thing, material be destroyed or spiritually. 5. Remains of a sunked construction. By our particular dictionary, Ruin: 1. That one that shows again his constructive original nature, that is to say turns us […]

Of vocations | Borja Lopez Cotelo
16-09-2013 One Comment

Of vocations | Borja Lopez Cotelo

Nobody in my neighborhood knew to Mies Van der Rohe. The children we were not dreaming of being Alvar Aalto because our altar they were occupying it Bruce Lee, Rocky Balboa, Peio Uralde or Zoran Stojadinovic. I, who was a bit rare, sometimes was changing aim and was aspiring to happen to the great Sempé. The days were passing between books […]

Kazuo Shinohara in 'Kochuu'
27-10-2011 38 Comments

Kazuo Shinohara in ‘Kochuu’

Between 2001 and 2002 Kazuo Shinohara it took part in Kochuu’s filming. Japanese Architecture / Influence and Origin, a documentary of the director and producing Swedish Jesper Wachtmeister that treats of the architectural Japanese tradition. In the sequence that we sense beforehand we see the House in Uehara and listen to the teacher to speak on his relation with the […]

2G N.58/59 Kazuo Shinohara
06-10-2011 54 Comments

2G N.58/59 Kazuo Shinohara

Kazuo Shinohara (1925-2006) is the most influential Japanese architect of his generation in the Japanese current architecture. His long shade includes from Toyo Ito, Itsuko Hasegawa and Kazunari Sakamoto, happening for Kazuyo Sejima, up to coming to the numerous excellent young architect’s offices of today. Nevertheless, nowadays his work is known scarcely in the western countries, partly due to the […]