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The blue of the sky | Marcelo Gardinetti
20-04-2018 No Comments

The blue of the sky | Marcelo Gardinetti

“I believe that when the architecture appears the aim to be able to be trasmitida, of being able to interpret the situations of the reality and places inside the historical rational process, it is in conditions to have progressive character”. Aldo Rossi1 From the 60s, Aldo Rossi‘s texts express a way of seeing the architecture that contradicts the unidirectional criterion […]

Aldo Rossi's lesson | José Ramón Hernández Correa
22-01-2016 One Comment

Aldo Rossi’s lesson | José Ramón Hernández Correa

At the end of the seventies until middle of the eighties of the century twenty (I joust the period in which I studied architecture in the ETSAM), the Modern Movement was already criticized without mufflers. In the school one was speaking about the modern ones and, in general, still one was admiring them, but already the reverential respect had got […]

Influences in Aldo Rossi's drawing: killing the father | Borja López Cotelo
04-04-2014 One Comment

Influences in Aldo Rossi’s drawing: killing the father | Borja López Cotelo

Often the time dilutes the certainty. Aldo Rossi emerged in the second half of the 20th century as the man called to illuminate a generation in the shade of the modernity. Precocious iconoclast in his revisionist offer of the contemporary urbanism, many they were thinking about seeing in his theory the way to continuing in the definition of a new […]

Cuatro libros de arquitectura
05-01-2012 4 Comments

Cuatro libros de arquitectura

“The made well architecture is out of discussion, but it is very difficult”. With these words Francisco Cabrero was expressing his own rigor as architect, feature that defines all his work, all one of the most significant and innovative of last 60 years in Spain. The Cantabrian architect died in Madrid on February 26 to 92 years. Born in Santander, […]