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Maite Sainz de la Maza Benet - Macari de Torres Mestres · Fetdeterra | Innovative Earth Projects and Products
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Maite Sainz de la Maza Benet – Macari de Torres Mestres · Fetdeterra | Innovative Earth Projects and Products

Today we travel to Lleida (Catalonia, Spain) to chat with Maite Sainz de la Maza, architect and Macari de Torres, geologist engineer, founders of Fetdeterra | Innovative Earth Projects and Products. They are “Technical specialists in land architecture and accredited consultants in eco-innovation, product design and technological development.” They have worked with users, technicians and manufacturers since the first phases of […]

Architecture Guide of Madrid
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Architecture Guide of Madrid

Since 1984, the Official College of Architects of Madrid publishes what is undoubtedly the most complete and professional Architecture Guide of Madrid. Our close relationship with architecture and architects at the state level allows us to have content of great didactic and cultural value, and its correct dissemination and value have always been and will be fundamental concerns for the […]

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ArchiMaps is a guides’ new application of architecture for Smartphone and Tablet. Each of his maps, centred on a certain city or region, shows more than 250 works of architecture of all the epochs, carefully selected. Simple and functional. The structure of the application is simple. It is possible to navigate upon every ArchiMap in way map and in way […]

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Arquitecturadegalicia.eu is a project that tries to shelter the architecture realized in Galicia in last 60 years, in a process of constant update and selection. It is a dynamic catalogue, which it registers to card aspires to reveal the next Galician architecture. Mapping the suburbs of our looks. We were noticing an emptiness in our career education, a total ignorance of […]

n'mApp n'UNDO
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n’mApp n’UNDO

n´UNDO presents the application n´mApp, to catalogue buildings or locations where is considered to be pertinent Not Construction, the Minimization, the Reutilization and the Dismantlement. The application arises to complement by means of digital support the tool File n’UNDO, which comes developing manually from 2011 and today it possesses hundreds of locations of international character. This application reinforces the participative character of […]