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Crowdfunding. Mental drawings. Juan Navarro Baldeweg's creative universe
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Crowdfunding. Mental drawings. Juan Navarro Baldeweg’s creative universe

“A lo largo de los años he venido elaborando una obra, como arquitecto y, también, como creador de piezas y pintura, en la que se pueden detectar unos motivos recurrentes, unos temas suscitados por el deseo de dar testimonio, a través de ella, de unas dimensiones esenciales que son ingredientes del medio físico que nos envuelve o que son factores […]

Crowdfunding Pointes 2010-2015 Magazine
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Crowdfunding Pointes 2010-2015 Magazine

Who are we? “POINTES” arises as half-yearly magazine in the university area in the middle of 2010. A small group of persons, proceeding from schools of cinema, photography and architecture, we decide to create a way that promotes the critical spirit and the reflection. We had verified that, in the different disciplines, there was a great production of basically graphical […]

Mareira | Antonio S. Río Vázquez
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Mareira | Antonio S. Río Vázquez

«It does not stop being a significant fact that, in the history of the architecture and the engineering, the constructions raised to the shore of the sea have been outlined in notable occasions for his mass and for his expressive eloquence. […] it Wants to say, to my to understand, that the coastal line is a zone of maximum symbolic […]

Reconstructs 'La Roiba'
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Reconstructs ‘La Roiba’

Inside Bueu’s inlet and very near Beluso’s beach, on the south coast of her laugh at Pontevedra, the small beach of The Roiba places, where the architect native of Corunna Ramon Vázquez Molezún (1922-1993), constructed at the end of the sixties a small housing for enjoyment of his family during the summer period. This small refuge constitutes one of the […]