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After a lot of time, I return to the load with this most interesting and most enterteining comical strip that will do the delights of all those that as me, for lack of work, we decide that the most important thing is to have a posh web, of phantones gray and confirm in black and white with the illusion that some day and thanks to it, someone deigns to calling and to give me the contract of my life.

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“And I am going to become silly for the first time in my life, and to dedicate the strip to my Holy one, Mon Calamari, that though here it him does not look alike in anything, and he is never grateful for anything to him and always it is threatening her in getting angry for not laughing at my strips, and that always says to me that I do not know to end my phrases and etc etc (I do not know end my phrases), it has more patience than The Holy one and thank you very much for being there, always. I que ens en sortirem.

For you my Mon

PD. I wait that this me free of going to the Ikea the weekend.

Lexcursó, architect and ilustrator
Barcelona, january 2012

Lexcursó Author

Lexcursó proviene de la palabra “escurçó” que significa, en una de sus acepciones, “Persona maligna/ “llengua d’escurçó” Persona maldiciente, que mal habla traicioneramente.

Lexcursó es un arquitecto mediocre venido a menos que piensa que la única manera de encontrar trabajo es que lo voten como decano o similar. Pasa el tiempo recluido en un despacho sórdido dibujando tiras cómicas sobre su miserable vida como arquitecto pensando que algún día ganará algún dinero con ello, principalmente si deja de dibujar.

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