Streaming Seminario Arquitectura e Industria: Construcción Industrializada

Next Friday, the 24th of February, from 10:00, the Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad organizes the seminar “Arquitectura e Industria: Construcción Industrializada“. The aim of this seminar, common to those of previous editions, is the warning on the importance of the innovative experience fruit of the collaboration between some architects and some industries.

The area of study groups to the industries that prefabricate components of great size for the building. It is a question of a technology known for decades for the industrialization of the massive housing that today it looks for his place in the sector prefabricating components for a more personal architecture and “customizada”. The range of technologies and materials is very wide from the concrete, to the steel and the wood, of the flat components to the volumetric ones. From the light ones to the heavy ones.

The seminar is based on the presentation of a series of royal cases on that this collaboration has produced excellent results. The presentation will be chargeable to Ignacio Paricio, the director of the Seminar Professor of Construction of the ETSA Barcelona with Cristina Pardal, coordinating general of the seminar and will consist of a succession of round tables with the presence of companies and architects.

The above mentioned seminar will be broadcast directly by Internet route streaming and will be able to be seen directly from here:

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