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Stepienybarno is a study of architecture and communication online, bought property in Estella (Navarre, Spain). Though a good part of his time is dedicated by them to realizing projects of architecture and arrange it in spite of penetrating into the diverse topics in that they are interested in every moment, by that they have been rewarded and published in different means.

“Our activity is sustained in three basic props: the investigation, the publication and the project draft of architecture”.

Fruit of this philosophy projects arise as, Sinergia Sostenible, the Equiciudad congress, editors of La ciudad viva, or the blog de Stepienybarno, the latter with presence in the network from May, 2009 and that in December, 2013, has turned into the most influential second blog (between a selection of more than 100 blogs) of architecture into the world into Hispanic language, according to the ebuzzing´s ranking.

Since there are great and varied the topics that touch, today only we will speak with them about digital identity, taking advantage of the thread of a discussion initiated in the social networks.


What is the digital identity?

The same thing that each of us we have an identity out of the world online, in the network happens exactly the same thing and we must take care of our Identity on which our own online reputation will depend, later. The problem is that, often one is not consciously of it and one is in the network anyhow. This way, since in the physical world you dress in a concrete way of agreement to the circumstances and your personality or it does not happen to you to enter a room without calling; in the world online, also, you must take care of all the details in order that your presence in the network is as consistent as possible with what really you are. The more sincere and transparent, better.

You royal Identity will be the sum of the digital identity with the identity offline; it is to say, his hybridization. It is important to stress that the two are equally royal.

This way, thanks to her, any architect or study of architecture it can improve his visibility, reputation and digital reputation. Of all forms, it suits to insist that, though it is complicated to guarantee nothing, better all that you are A Digital Identity, major labor opportunities and of collaborations you will have thanks to her. It yes, the one who thinks that for being in Facebook and Twitter is going to fall some order, is very wrong. What does the digital reputation is to increase your possibilities and only in case you do it very well, the rest … to Lourdes.

Which has been your formation and professional path in this field?

Lately, one speaks to throw itself rapidly to the swimming pool and to validate the idea of business as soon as possible and this way it is since we have worked from Stepienybarno.

The attraction for the world of the Digital Identity and the communication online arises approximately 4 years ago, though with Stepienybarno in the network we go more time. The good of the New Digital Age is that to know deeply a topic already it is not necessary to go, necessarily, to the Schools or do the most expensive Máster. We, little by little, have been formed and it is possible to say that investing a lot of time but zero Euros, we have made own ours“autoMáster”.

This way, we have read as Cossacks and, especially, we have been trying in the practice, everything what we were learning in the theory, real time and in our own meats. For it, which now we do it is supported by our Stepienybarno’s own Digital Identity and the whole acquired knowledge and, almost always, shared in these years.

¿What did you lead to opening way you in the field of the digital identity? Who are they to your criterion the potential clients of this service?

We start by doing web pages 6 years ago and, since then, we have gone evolved towards a more panoramic vision of the topic, giving priority to concepts as digital track or visibility.

We believe that, the best way of doing a good Project of Digital Identity is entering squarely in the concept of company that many studies of architecture are not in the habit of having anything clear. From there, we happen to analyze the best technologies and tactics of communication online and, finally, we study what digital tools (web, blog, social networks) are most adapted for every case.

It yes, our public they are the architects. We understand that, for the fact of being architects, we to be interested to death in the architecture and to have our own study, we can understand the complex world of our union. This group is formed by very particular people (to be an architect, in many cases, it is a form of life), that devote themselves to a profession which mesenteries are not rather known for the rest of the mortal ones.

Did you meet many difficulties in his putting in march?

The putting in march is simple and natural. We are be very sure that the service that we offer belongs very necessary for the architects, and the architects with whom we have started working, it seems that like that they see it. Also we have done Projects of Digital Identity for Universities of Architecture as that of Malaga (+, congresses of architecture and sustainability (+ or institutions, as the association of architecture and sustainability (look their blog, here).

Of all forms, we do not want that this goes away of the hands and are advancing little by little and without very much noise. Hereinafter, yes that we will throw the topic with more power and the problem can manage to be like to climb our adventure; but good … Let’s hope all the problems are like that!

Do you think that to study Architecture has been a fundamental passport to have come to your current work?

In our case, for triple item. The principal reason of which today we could devote to carry out Projects of Digital Identity (PID) is that thanks to our Stepienybarno’s blog we have obtained a good visibility and a suitable digital reputation. The blog belongs to architects and for architects.

Equally importantly it is that, with our services we focus on a clients’ niche that, again, they are the architects; so, it is fundamental that we also it are.

And, finally, the being architects and to have the aptitude to read the situations of a transverse way and uncommitting an outrage to tie always ropes, it has served us very much at the moment of presenting our services of Digital Identity.

Stepienybarno giving a course Digital identity for Architects

Are you satisfied with the reached aims? Do you see him future?

The good of our history is that we have not planned previous aims, but we have been trusting in the life. The destination knows often what is convenient for us much better than we themselves and the circumstances have been propitious in order that we have finished recovering this work. The good thing is that, four years ago, we could imagine that our professional courses were going to go hereabouts and, nevertheless, today we did not want that they had gone for another site.

Future? Honestly yes; just now, already we have almost so many clients since we can attend and still we have not used the viability that the own blog has at the moment of coming to many architects. With more than 30.000 visits a month and with 90 % of architects between our readers, the normal thing is that our activity sigua improves and let’s be able grow with comfort.

It we have not also looked specially what now we do, we leave the opened doors ourselves in order that in three or four years we are put in other histories. We are anxious anuses for nature.

Would you encourage other architects to follow your steps? What steps do you consider that they should give? How to complete his studies? What other advices would you give them?

The world of the digital communication is petado of people; in turn, there are many professionals working on the concept of Digital Identity; the key is in segmenting the market, finding niches and looking for blue oceans.

In our opinion, to work with architects of a serious way, it suits to be an architect. Another option is to come from the world of the communication and to get squarely into the architecture; which is much more difficult!! So, it would encourage other architects to enter the fields of the Digital Identity. It yes, you have to like very much, so it is necessary to put hundreds of hours to be formed well, and throw the whole passion of the world. In our case, we like these new paths so much or more like to project architecture; so, somehow, we are very lucky.

Do you believe that the architects in Spain we should continue opening new routes of work to go out of the “most “traditional” cabin of projecting given the current situation of the construction in our country?

It is important that the own Schools bet for a radical change and are more conscious that the crisis and the New Technologies have changed the reality of a drastic way. Therefore, there will have to be a group of architects that it could continue doing architecture, let’s say, “more “traditional”; but, other many architects have to seek for the chick-peas in the periphery of the architecture or to use the virtues that we take as the fact of being architects to enter other labor areas.

The new digital age goes full speed and the one who is not raised to the car already, is going to have it very complicated then. In turn, which continue thinking that they can compete for a chunk of the cake against other 100 companions the sooner or later, they will die. Renew or die.

What do you think of those that they have been going to work abroad?

The major exchequer of a country is his human capital. Nevertheless, between cuts and contractionary policies there is obtained that great people do not see another option and has to go away out. Those who go away, unlike other epochs of the history, in mucos cases, are the best. We are doing the ridiculous one and though, with the time, way we go out of the crisis, all that we will pay it fully. Meanwhile, other countries, as Germany, take advantage of all the invested money for our condition in the formation of those who now have to go away. In case of the architects, all this rises up to the maximum power.

The fault of the exodus, certainly, does not have the one who goes away, that normally does it with great sorrow; but those who are controlling the night shelter while they continue living as Marquesses.

Chuck Norris #NOalaLSP | stepienybarno

How do you see the future of the profession?

Our representatives do not seem that they have done it specially well and, if the situation already of for yes is the most complicated, the absence of actions ilusionantes and efficient that come from above, it does that we are in the tightrope.

In turn, ours is a profession that until four days ago it saw with bad eyes to do advertising of his work; of fact, for many years it was prohibited.

That there must be minimal fees … surely yes, and we all would compete in equality of conditions, but they are not; so, it touches espabilarse.

We do not have managerial mentality and it is a madness that the studies of architecture continue seeing as damned ideas, words as company or marketing. Or we put on the batteries or we will not be capable of looking for any route of professional exit for the group.

We need a change brutal that almost sure will not come from above. In turn, Luis de Guindos trees is on the verge of putting on the tack with a stupid law that will not do any more that to worsen the situation for all, included the company to which it is supposed that it must protect.

Even this way, as good Bauman says, though there is no rational motive for being optimita; we do not lose the hope and pledge in dreaming with a better world in which the architecture and the architects occupy an out-standing paper.

Stepienybarno ·  Digital identity

January 2014

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Interview realized by Ana Barreiro Blanco and Alberto Alonso Oro. To be grateful for Agnieszka and Lorenzo his time and predisposition with this space.

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