Drawing of a square for 5 º Deal online of Digital Identity for architects

Sorteo de una plaza para 5º Curso online de Identidad Digital para arquitectos

From the blog of architecture Stepienybarno they put to the disposition of the readers of Veredes a free assistance for the new course on Digital Identity that they have mounted, focused exclusively for, we, the architects.

It is a question of the fifth edition and, for the comments of the pupils of the previous editions, the course is very practical and easy to realize.

This way, if you are an architect and you are interested in improving your presence in the network, this one can be your course. Also, to indicate that it has a flexible schedule and is realized totally online for two or three hours a day. The course will take place during the school days between Thursday, the 16th of June, 2016 and Wednesday, the 29th of June, 2016.

“Relatively flexible schedule, though it is necessary to have approximately an availability from 3-4 hours to the day on the part of the pupil during nine days of the course. This way, the ideal minimal time of work on the part of the students will be 30 school hours.

Every day, in the early morning, will supply the necessary material itself and one will be employed intensely throughout the day at the community online, group of facebook and e-mail with the pupils. Our availability during these days will be absolute.”

Therefore, between all those that you leave a comment, at the end of the entry or in the entry of facebook, defining in a phrase what it might understand, in your opinion, for Digital Identity, we will avoid a free square.

The term to take part in the drawing is from Tuesday, the 31st in May to Sunday, OO:OO hours, on June 5, 2016 up to the OO:OO hours.

To accede to the detailed information of the course.

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