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Today thanks to Jung Ibérica we realize a new drawing in veredes, in this occasion our readers will be able to choose a Smart Radio (model JUNG LS990 sw).

The mechanism is very simple, between all those that you leave a comment defining in a phrase what in your opinion suggests this product to you. For it you have the information of the product available at the end of the post and in Jung Ibérica’s own web.

The term to take part in the drawing is from today on Monday, the 11th of May until Monday, the 18th from May to 00 a.m.

Smart Radio is the new tuner of radio estéreo with Jung’s tactile screen that has the same format and size that electrical as interrupting mechanisms or you plug, by what it can be fixed in the wall by the same facility. This allows his installation in rooms of hotel or in any stay of a housing as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.

His elegant display in black and white offers a great facility of operation thanks to his interface based on icons and labels, which there provides direct access to his functionalities of alarm clock, temporizador and short-listed issuers. Though the lighting of his screen can be regulated to taste of the user, in the night way it gets dark completely, so that it turns out to be ideal to establish itself close to the bed. The external antenna, which assures an ideal receipt of the sign at all time, and the loudspeakers bass reflex of Jung, they guarantee a high quality of sound independently of if they establish themselves together with the recipient or separately.

The new Smart Radio admits the protocol RDS (Radio Dates System), which makes way to other multiple functionalities as the automatic tuning in of stations or the hourly synchronization of the internal clock, which turns out to be specially useful to assure the precision both of the alarm clock and of the temporizador. These characteristics are completed by auxiliary income and for satellite.

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The new Smart Radio also combines to the perfection with the series and Jung’s designs. It is the case of the series To, in that all his frames adapt perfectly, though those of plastic or crystal of high quality of ‘ To creation ‘ do that the Smart Radio stands out specially with his tactile white or black screen. Other one so much happens with the designs of the series CD and LS, the first one with his soft rounded forms and, the second one, with his elegance atemporal, in horizontal or vertical assembly, with simple or multiple, broad or narrow frame. In all the cases, his designs of high quality do that the Smart Radio joins perfectly any environment.

“In night way, one gets dark his screen completely, which turns out to be ideal to establish itself close to the bed.”

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