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Today you let’s sense beforehand the last drawing of the year, and it will be thanks to Jung Ibérica, in this occasion our readers will be able to choose a Bluetooth Connect (LS990 Aluminio).

The mechanism is very simple, between all those that you leave a comment, or at the end of the post or in Facebook’s entry, defining in a phrase what in your opinion suggests this product to you. For it you have the information of the product available at the end of the post and in Jung Ibérica‘s own web.

The term to take part in the drawing is from today on Monday, the 23rd of November until Monday, the 14th from December, 2015 to 00 a.m.


Bluetooth Connect is the new recipient of audio estéreo with tactile screen of the European leader in electrical equipment, Jung, which gathers and amplifies the sign of from audio route Bluetooth of smartphones, tablets and MP3 players in order that it could be listened comfortably by means of the modules of loudspeaker of the German manufacturer.

When the same format and size have that any electrical mechanism, as switches or plugs, Jung’s Bluetooth Connect can fix in the wall with the same facility, which allows his installation in rooms of hotel or in any stay of a housing as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. In addition, it is available in the designs of the series SEIZE, To, CD and Jung’s LS, which assures a perfect aesthetic integration with the rest of mechanisms of the electrical installation or of any decoration.

The elegant tactile screen placed in the altar frontal of Jung’s new Bluetooth Connect provides to the user all the pertinent information about the condition of the device, as six sources of audio that can store, the selection of tracks, the regulation of the volume, etc. Eight virtual keys that remain secret until the screen touches itself, assure a managing of the extraordinarily simple and intuitive system.

On the other hand, the powerful amplifier estéreo of Jung’s Bluetooth Connect is the manager of pumping a torrent of clean sound and without scarcely distortion, in spite of the limited dimensions of the device. The final stage of the favorite music of the user they are one or two modules of Jung’s loudspeaker, which they can install separately to the distance adapted for an ideal hearing, though also it is possible to mount them together with the Bluetooth Connect in the only multiple frame. Likewise, the device relies on an auxiliary connection that it can be in use for forwarding the audio sign to an external amplifier, which opens the doors one the most wide vocalization of other stays and even of the whole home. In addition, also it admits the option to connect Jung’s Smart Radio as alternative source.

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