Drawing of two lots with 4 copies by Recolectores Urbanos publishing house

Sorteo de dos lotes con 4 ejemplares de la editorial Recolectores Urbanos

After the corresponding Christmas period and with desire of beginning the year 2018 of the best way, we bring for our readers a new drawing, in this occasion of the hand of Recolectores Urbanos.

The drawing will consist of two packaging formed by the following four copies:

– Paisajes con Alma. Inventario de lugares para rezar.

– Yes, We Are Open! Fabricación digital, tecnologías y cultura libres.

– The lighthouse.

– Contra suelo. Argumentos y arquitectura bajo la cota cero.

How will you be able to obtain one of the lots?

Very simple simply you will have to leave a comment or at the end of this entry in the zone enabled for it or in Facebook‘s corresponding entry, indicating the reason you are crediting of the same one.

In this occasion the period of the drawing will be from today on Tuesday, the 9th until Tuesday, the 30th of January (up to them 00:00) in order that you could enjoy them during the beginning of this year 2018.

The winners will be chosen of between all the comments.

Luck and hope we wait for your comments!

Sorteo de dos lotes con 4 ejemplares de la editorial Recolectores Urbanos o3

Paisajes con Alma. Inventario de lugares para rezar.

Landscapes with soul that he proposes us in this Eduardo Delgado Orusco’s book, are landscapes of the soul calmly, of the calm soul, with the calmness that grants to the architecture the presence of the spirit. These architectures are landscapes crossed by the breath of a soft aura, that rumor in which Eías recognized the God’s presence. This book is a tour with Bernini and Borromini. With Palladio and Michael Angel. With the big construction teachers of the Romanesque one and of the Gothic, but also, with Le Corbusier or with Schwartz or with Mies Van der Rohe. A tour that there does not forget the Spanish modern architecture, Jack and Oiza, Oak grove and Fisac of a very special way. All of them accompanied by architectures for the eternity across his wonderful churches.

Sorteo de dos lotes con 4 ejemplares de la editorial Recolectores Urbanos o2

Yes, We Are Open! Fabricación digital, tecnologías y cultura libres.

Yes, we are opened, in spite of the crisis. Also we are an equipment opened for the whole university community and for the public in general. Thirdly we are opened as for the use of the knowledge that we apply, transform and develop. Our idea is that the knowledge is a common good and that, specially in the frame of the public institutions of education and investigation, this one must be free.

The Fab Lab Seville is an equipment for the design and the digital manufacture that forms a part of the Technical Top School of Architecture of the University of Seville. Founded in 2009, from 2011 there forms a part of the international network Fab Lab Network, led by the Center for Bits and Atoms of the Technological Institute of Massachusetts.

In the present volume there gather texts of different collaborators of the Fab Lab Seville during the year 2012 and 2013, treating subject matters that go from the Open Design to the process of creation of a fab lab, spending for the manufacture of machines CNC DIWO, drones amateurs, applications of the new digital technologies in architectural structures of wood, design and leather manufacture bioclimáticas interactive and new possibilities.

Sorteo de dos lotes con 4 ejemplares de la editorial Recolectores Urbanos o1

The lighthouse.

(…) In this line of interaction and agreement between pastoral need and plastic and conceptual contemporaneousness it is necessary to place the project of Eucharistic chapel ephemeral that Thin and Viver – professionals and authors both interested parties in an intelligent application and without complexes of the new technologies in the sacred contemporary art – they proposed to the Archbishopric of Madrid for the Holiday of the Families. An installation – gathering an expression coined and endowed with renewed sense by the artistic modernity – that can be read really as exploration of the claimed and necessary dialog between constituents eclesiales and artists who do not want to resign the expression of his own time.

An installation that drinks from models and concepts dedicated in the time, but that takes advantage also of the new technologies, providing with movement – with life – to the altarpiece and with him to the whole space. A project, on the other hand, that also can attend and apply a slow and conscious rereading of the reform and the new liturgical indications.

Sorteo de dos lotes con 4 ejemplares de la editorial Recolectores Urbanos o4

Contra suelo. Argumentos y arquitectura bajo la cota cero.

The return processes for the memory or the past are in the habit of beginning when we notice that contradictions exist in someone of our contemporary paradigms. In this moment there arises the need to check the hypotheses and arguments from these those who are formulated, necessarily, to take sides and to react.

When these contradictions became evident one presented the opportunity to write this publication that tries to transmit this position before the reaction from which beginning future investigations, projects and own arguments, a capture of coherent party with the learned and shared in the latter years.

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