Without Manual

The award-winning Japanese architect Toyo Ito, known for imposing works in Europe and Asia, with geometries inspired by nature and forms close to fantasy, designed the International Baroque Museum in Puebla, Mexico.

Nobody knew how to carry it out and only a team of Mexican builders took the challenge after two years of no one accepting the project. It was necessary to invent a constructive process and to improvise extraordinary solutions, to fulfill the objective in only 27 weeks.

This is the story of that team that put Mexican ingenuity to the test to solve a puzzle never before done in the world.

Against the clock. Against budget. Against all odds.

Documentary by lumatica.com
All rights reserved.

DOCUMENTARY: Without Manual
ADDRESS: Francisco González Piña
PRODUCTION: Lumática Films
SCRIPT: Francisco González, Oswaldo Flores
EDITION: Oswaldo Flores
PHOTOGRAPH: Oswaldo Flores, Orlando González, César Durione, Alan Ávila, Sergio Morkin, Francisco González
AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Xavier Alcántara, Jorge Ontiveros
MUSIC: Juan Morales
SOUND: Ricardo Valdez, Rodrigo Martínez
AUDIO MIX: Ricardo Valdez
DURATION: 69 min

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