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Sigfried Giedion

In the previous entrance spoke of a director of cinema, René Clair, that compared to do a film with building a building. In this occasion is a theorist of the architecture, Sigfried Giedion, the one who in his more known book, Space and time in architecture published in 1941, quotes the relation between the cinema and the architecture:

«Concerning 1880, Adler and Sullivan could assume they themselves the complete responsibility of raising his buildings, since Baron Jenney, engineer and contractor could make it, naturally, William Him. Nowadays it already is not possible. The list of persons in charge of the construction of an important building is even major that her of whom they collaborate in an important movie. But as the fact that the movie is good or bad it depends on the intensity of his top-line manager, the quality of a building depends on the capacity of the architect who gives him form».

Giedion is speaking about the topic of the “authorship”, already be in the cinema or in the architecture, and the truth is that every time the attribution of a work is more doubtful, it is movie or building, to an alone human being, to an alone artist in the sense that can be given to a creator for example of the Renaissance. I believe that it is a topic to discussing deeply and extensively.

Jorge Gorostiza, architect. Author of the blog Arquitectura+Cine+Ciudad

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, may 2011

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