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Luis Pabón. Plano de metro en las estrellas. 2007.
Luis Pabón. Metro plane in the stars. 2007.

“Many years later, in front of the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía was to remember that remote afternoon when his father took him to meet the ice”.

Cien años de soledad. Gabriel García Márquez

For some reason or intuition we tend to think by adopting temporary codes. We stop in the exact directionality provided by the experience of the past, the use of the present and the improvement of the future. But although by pure discernment they may seem to be stagnant and independent mental states, it is palpable that they never are. We establish the present with recurring winks of the past and possible longings for the future. Nothing is static and timeless.

We would not be able to judge, evaluate, establish, affirm, without locating pure temporal references. Both past and future. So much so that our task as architects is to project. An activity that stops in preventing a future. The possibility of the facts. Where reality fits what it can and wants to be.

If we attend to the magician Borges when he reasons:

“The line consists of an infinite number of points; the plane, of an infinite number of lines; the volume, of an infinite number of planes; the hypervolume, of an infinite number of volumes…” ,

and we are able to recognize not only an evolved concept of space, but also a new way of feeling time, the ancient image of Heraclitus will be overcome, in which time resembles a river, linear and invariable. Moreover, if we see in time a quality of presences, with all its dimensions and together with its spatial characteristics, we will be faced with a more precise notion of reality. We will realize that the concept of time is inseparably linked to things.

We must recognize that we wander. That we wander through a route never predetermined. Leaving to the step of bifurcations and options that constantly attract our attention. We select, save, hunt or collect. But we continue. The endless rope. Often our tour is circular. Many times spiral. Proceeding to gradually surround our interests without touching them. Without altering them. Cultivating the attitude of efficient patience. And we only rest with our goal the time necessary to glimpse new horizons.

The movement is and wants to be continuous. The concatenation of actions and thoughts takes us through the happy state of alertness in which we consume our energy. Our life. And it is in that territory of lost steps, of successive segments traveled, where we are when we want to explain our existence. We inhabit a cloud of points. A multidimensional place of interconnections without limits. A mobility space that replaces borders with knots. No maps.

We hold insistently that everything besides being means. Or rather, it will be...

Sergio de Miguel, PhD architect
Madrid, Juny 2018
Published in Teaching and research group for architecture Grupo 4! by ETSAM.

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