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The government employees are envied by his stability in the work. Certainly, they cannot be envied by much any more. So, at all, for it, friend! Only you have that to overcome the corresponding examinations, in that there are few squares and many solicitors. Since is here the secret of the public workers and of his stability: they accede to his position for examinations of public concurrence. How does one accede in the private company?

Do not be if the university teachers are more envied. Probably yes, so they charge enough (naturally, inside what it fits, since it is in the public administration: the titular teachers are of level 28 and the level professors 30).

But for if they were envying the university teachers, I will describe them of that this career consists and so that it is what they have to do to come to so tasty status.

The first thing that they have to do is a university career, which is within reach of many if we attend to the enormous quantity of university graduates and of Spanish students, one of the major indexes of the world, but the major one. In addition, the proliferation of universities in Spain wants to say that well near his domicile, reading friend, there are one or several. The good ones have a note of very high selectivity to be able to enter, but you do not worry that it is sure that near his house there are one or bad enough several, or little requested. Of those who are entered by 5.

But after this, the thing becomes slightly heavier, since you have that to do the doctorate. It is possible that it fishes a scholarship, though there are very few ones, but the doctorate means to continue studying (and now in investigation) 2 more courses and, later, and as tasty dessert, to do a doctoral thesis. There it is at all. The architects (my career) know what is the project end of career, a trifle that, since in architecture, does not have it anybody. Well then, to do a thesis is like to do, at least, 2 or 3 ends of career. It is necessary to arm of patience and of tenacity. They ask nobody to be Doctor for nothing (the doctors, whom it is called this way, it are not), but to be a university teacher, yes.

When you have read the doctoral thesis, it has to obtain (for contest) an appointment like Assistant or as Teacher in a University, and once there, give lessons, to continue investigating and to publish the investigations to manage Doctor to be accredited by the ANECA as Teacher, at least, or as Titular Teacher. For this it is necessary to prepare a few very complete dossiers, and such an ANECA (that nobody knows very well what is and that gives accounts neither to God nor to the devil) has to give him a positive valuation, thing that, to the date of today, is not very current.

If you had the fortune of Doctor was accredited as Teacher, he finds with it a short-cut, a modern short-cut. It can be contracted as such, with labor contract and stability in the employment. But for it the university has to extract squares, and you gain one, in free concurrence with equally accredited others.

If you were accredited as Titular Teacher, one does not believe that already it it is, since this is not any more than a title. It to be indeed, it needs to gain one of the squares of access, by means of examinations summoned by a university and in free concurrence between accredited, or also (if they wanted) between holders of other universities.

If you have sat this square, congratulation! Already you are A Titular Teacher of University for the whole life, up to 65 years, voluntarily, or up to the 70, obligadamente. You have level 28 and are like that semi-richly forever. You will walk for 40 years, as little, but since it sees, still he still has the life ahead.

The better thing, certainly it is to stand firm. But if he is ambitious you and makes illusion be a professor, it has to continue in the game. The investigation reaches a lot of importance, not only the teaching for good that it is, and, like that, you have to gain 2 ó 3 “sexenios” (official recognitions of the work of investigation) without which the ANECA is not going to give him the accreditation in any way, and this way and everything probably does not give it to him.

If it obtains it, it has to repeat the play that already it did as Titling. Or, to appear to an opposition to square of access to Professor who extracts the university, in free concurrence with accredited or with other professors.

If the desire, you join the Professors’ body of University. The bugles sound, you are in one of the highest positions of the administration and level has 30 of fee. According to the press and Estate he is rich you. And now, since already it does not have anything to what to aspire, you can devote to do the gulf to him. It yes, probably get bored, since you will have approximately 50 years (at least) and it has to last giving lessons up to the 70.

Well then, do you see what is the university career? The enjoyed one, since they could have verified. In addition only it is necessary to bear that the whole world says that the university is a shit and that there go out in the newspapers qualifications of Yankee agencies in which one assures that the Spanish universities are small less than the worst. A taste.

For all this, the better thing that you would do is he become an attorney, who is the easiest of the careers, and there are many powers, almost all with 5 of entry. Then judge, and to living, that puts you on toga and necklaces, and it happens to be a power of the State. It is necessary to do I know that courses and an opposition, but not even the doctorate. In relation with the university, it does not have comparison. I that you, he would not doubt it. Spirit!

Antonio González-Capitel Martínez · Doctor arquichect · professor in ETSAM
Madrid · may 2009

Es arquitecto y catedrático de Proyectos de la Escuela de Arquitectura de Madrid, fue director de la revista Arquitectura (COAM) de 1981-86 y de 2001-09. Historiador, ensayista y crítico, ha publicado numerosos artículos en revistas españolas y extranjeras sobre arquitectura española e internacional. Entre sus libros destacan diferentes monografías sobre arquitectos.

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