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Since good you know, it is not the first time, it nor will be the last one, which we speak about the schools of architecture. This way, now that the whole world speaks that architects exceed and that go out schools of architecture as fungi; from Stepienybarno, we propose that probably the topic is not so clear and, in fact, in our opinion what they are absent they are architects.

It yes, the shades of this affirmation are important and it is necessary to have them clear well. So, before saying that we have turned madmen, we encourage you to give us an opportunity and to continue reading the following reflection.

Do architects exceed?

A few days ago we heard the teacher Michael Ángel Alonso del Val remembering that in the Vienna of beginning of last century, Otto Wagner before the widespread opinion of which architects were exceeding, was proposing that more architects had to appear in scene; it yes, the important thing was that these new architects did not continue doing the same thing that the previous ones, who were devoting themselves principally to technical and formal topics, but they have to of getting into flour and proposing, for example, new solutions habitacionales (topic from which the rest of architects were happening olímpicamente up to this moment). The reality gave the reason to Wagner and a new architecture, of major quality, appeared in scene and the city (and his citizens) was grateful for it deeply.

This so distant situation about the time, and, seemingly, about the cultural context, leads us to thinking that, surely, in our Spain post-bubble, architects do not exceed; what happens is that, there are absent architects who have clearly that they are going to do other many things beside projecting architecture. And what can they do? 100 activities happen to us at least; so surely that exists still many more!

New times.

Of this form, we think that the new generations should go out of the schools formed of a different way. Does it mean this that must stoop the level? Certainly that not, simply there will be necessary to introduce in the new Schools you design and that these adapt to the new times.

And here, someone will be thinking, but if we are of the most modern and already we have a blog in a project subject and! Up to a profile of facebook of the school! Since we dare to affirm, not without certain anger, that no school of architecture of Spain is taking this topic seriously and more that it is they are skirmishes of some of them in the digital environment, which are very nice, but that do not imply that they have adapted in a forceful way to this New Digital Age. The pupils of the schools are native foxgloves and not to treat them as such it is the best way of despising them.

If someone of these schools wants to know what is the most basic and urgent thing that it might do, we recommend to them that he should read the post that Michael Ángel Díaz Camacho was publishing in the blog of the Foundation Arquia Ah!! And if someone continues thinking that the PFC is of marvel and that it is possible to continue supporting as is, that passes for the article that Veronica Sanchez wrote, and in the one that it affirms, without him the pulse should tremble, that

in these years of architecture of gangplank, the effort and the time of our students has overturned in PFCs of high seam that will finish in a booth, while the cities are still ragged or badly dressed by others.”

With all that, really, it does not matter for us if there are 66 schools or 90; if they should lower 40 what more gives! What is a shame is that the majority of the schools of architecture continue thinking that the world has not changed so much either and that the project subject continues proposing programs similar to everything the life. But since it is possible to have so many thick lip!! And these teachers, in many cases, are the same that, before the crisis, were encouraging the pupils to whom they were doing big deployments of representation. Yes, yes, this that then what they needed was a cheap workforce and that it was drawing of marvel; if then it was projecting a bit worse, or it was not projecting a carajo, since anything was happening either. In fact, as look, it is possible to think that they were taking competition from themselves of in way; but, we will not be so evil-minded we (or yes).

Even this way, and in spite of many lacks that are detected in our formation, thanks to being able to project very well, the architects we can read very complex situations, giving simple solutions and this virtue, the transverse vision of the play, together with the creativity, it is one of most valued, a today, for any type of company or institution.

It yes, in order that they could claim us from other areas will be necessary to make us more accessible and to shorten the distance that separates us from all those who are not of ours. And here, it cannot be that those who direct us do not make anything much more forceful to solve it. The architects we have happened of making to us nearby whom we serve; of counting what we do and to do it in order that there am understood that actually we are really necessary and rarely a toll for that it is necessary to happen.

The prohibited words.

Finally, we would like to stress that, with what already we are like architects, we can give much more and that they must incorporate in our schools new knowledge that facilitate the disembarkation of the lads in the durísima labor reality. It cannot be that, we continue thinking that the architects we are not companies; we it are, though we are of the type solitary plainsman and it cannot be that words like Digital Identity continue sounding to Chinese. Already we do not say anything of speaking about Marketing, because it is a damned word and prohibited by every architect that it loves the architecture! So not, they are not the demon, and as soon as possible all these disciplines join in the plans of study, much better. There does not have anything that to see, as some architects say, that if we learn of these more mundane and pragmatic topics, our paper weakens as architect; that not! That it are Chinese stories of those who already are above and they are interested in doing this reading of the situation.

Have not we learned mechanics of soil? Cannot we do thousands of Cross-country races that cost for what they cost? So what we propose is something that will serve for almost all the architects who go out of the School.

It is a question of responsibility that we form well the students, and that, beside the love transmitting them for the architecture with capital letters (a thing does not remove other one), we provide them with tools that make them more valid on the labor market.

Architects do not exceed, there are no too many schools of architecture; what exists in them is too much an architect with egos as mountains dreaming that everything will turn to be like before; and it is not going to be like that.

More architects it is what we need; it yes, having done the duties and extracting lads who eat up the world because they are formed in a best possible way for the times that run. And not to forget that today it is not like before, now the times run very much; the one who remains out, is going to remain more out that never. The one who adapts, nevertheless, will give a better formation to his lads and in addition his school will have more pupils, because the students, in spite of whom it weighs, can estimate and value when the things are done well.

So, put on the batteries, take responsibility of what really they have to do and be conscious that the reality, of here and now, is too different as to continue looking at another side.

To adapt or to die; new times, new solutions.

Stepienybarno_Agnieszka Stepien and Lorenzo Barnó, architects
Estella, april 2015


Stepienybarno está formado por Agnieszka Stepien y Lorenzo Barnó, ambos arquitectos y formados en temas de Identidad Digital y Comunicación online. Desde el 2004 tenemos nuestro propio estudio de arquitectura, ubicado en un pequeño pueblo de Navarra, Estella, y ambos estamos embarcados en nuestras tesis doctorales. A su vez, colaboramos con otros profesionales tanto del ámbito de la arquitectura, sostenibilidad y comunicación online. Vivir en Estella nos da la tranquilidad necesaria para poder encarar el día a día con energía y la red nos posibilita contactar con un mundo maravilloso que de otra forma hubiera sido imposible.

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