Scribd: a community for his documents.

We all handle documents. In fact they are indispensable for exercise of many áreasprofesionales all over the world. Into them we come out our ideas, organize information yadministramos information.

From the mass-production of the processors of text the style Microsoft Word or professional OpenOffice in the whole world are used by them to store digitalmente information of all kinds, and with the summit of the social networks they have emerged new forms to share them and to publish them, but none has assembled so many advantages for them as Scribd.

What is it?

Scribd is a social network that allows him 10 million users every month, to publish, to share, to construct, to comment, to distribute and to find documents in multiple formats of texts as: doc, pdf, txt, ppt, xls, ps (Adobe postcript) and lit (Lector de ebooks de Microsoft).

These documents can be unloaded to be read when it is not connected to laInternet or discussed with his authors to debate and to extend his contents, between other functions. It is a universal library generated by users of the whole world to the best style Youtube but with texts to share and to come out.

Scribd allows him to store his documents of public or private form them turning to unformato foxglove that makes them visible in the network with social and collaborative usefulness.

What does this network make only?

It is not what he thinks. It is not like “to raise” texts to a blog. It is the only form to share documents with particular ingredients, since they can be had:

Subscriptions to users or companies: Identify what users or companies offer contents that seem to him to be interesting and sígalospara to know new contents. Newspapers like The Chicago Tribune share documents that allow to the usuariosampliar information about news and today’s news.

Lists of readings: did he find a document that it surprised? It add to a Reading List and support it to manocomo his favorite.

You come out of free form: The possibility of having a document in his computer is functional, to come out to read when it does not have access to the network is an option that it must be considered to be.

Unlimited storage: Store material without limits, the network has not provided imitations for it. It yes, we suggest him to nonabuse in the weight of the documents ” to rising ” since it can be late time and resources enconvertirlos to be visible in his network.

Readings in adjustable levels: does it trouble him to read on screen? Scribd him provides several forms of reading from the “classic” scroll, up to the style I free of adjustable leaves; or the model slideshow (presentation) to spend leaf for leaf with only a click.

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