Scalae eBooks Collection

From the publishing presentation it makes clear that “the collection rests on the previous, publishing experiences and of relation, proposed under the common denominator of the cabecero Scalae: the publishing initiative of the sheets in paper (scalae 0.0; 2003), wireless of the podcast mp3 (scalae 1.0; 2005) and documentary rss in (scalae 2.0; 2009), complementary and active all of them”.

Undoubtedly, all this is owed largely to the personal push of the architect and publisher riojano Félix Arranz, one of the agitators and more anxious activators of the architectural current debate. Besides publisher of Scalae, he has been the director of the Technical Top School of Architecture of Saragossa, codirector of the Biennial Spanish XIth of Architecture and Urbanism, or co-commissioner of Vogadors, Catalunya’s pavilion and Balearics in the Biennial one of Architecture of Venice of 2012.


David H. Falagán

Scalae eBooks Collection

Felix Arranz (ed.), Jaume Prat (ed. asociado)

Agencia documental de arquitectura SCALAE, 2013

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