Restoration of Fonte da Burga in Caldas de Reis | Luis Gil+Cristina Nieto

To be employed at the time and at the goods and architectures that others thought and constructed before that we, it has an after-taste to collaborate with these other architects who already are not. If Viollec Le Duc says that restoring is to return the original blood to the building, which it is called the style, also it is to return in certain way whom it projected first, the right to see his like work her thought or since he her executed.

In this sense restoring is to re-discover the feelings, the features of the thought of other one across a collaboration in the time with someone who already is not. Very similar, but without his presence, to collaborating with the teacher who teaches the trade to his assistants, or to when forces add with companions to take to good port a complex project or a contest inabarcable for us themselves, always with the maximum respect for other one, to be able to learn, always.

This time to have the possibility of being collaborators of D. Alejandro Rodríguez Sesmero celebrated architect of the urban renovation of the Pontevedra of ends of s. The XIXth, maybe the best architect of the city in that century, before to the same square another teacher and another D. Alejandro was coming in the following century …. Always.

A luck to re-constitute the truth, the original blood of his architecture, with the sigh of the constructive technologies of the good one to do traditionally by means of the attentive reading of the extraordinary proportions and ornamental motives chosen by him for this architecture of the best public space of s. The XIXth in Caldas de Reis.

Restauración de Fonte da Burga. Caldas de Reis. Pontevedra Luis Gil+Cristina Nieto o1 historia
Fonte da Burga. Caldas de Reis.

Fonte da Burga’s works place in a municipal program of putting in value of the sources of the Way of Santiago, named Fontes not Camiño. The Fonte da Burga is located in the confluence of the streets Laureano Salgado and Royal, is one of the most significant elements of the public municipal domain and of the historical heritage of the thermal villa. The Source of was constructed Burga in 1881 by the Town hall of Caldas being a mayor Antonio Roman Lopez, they coming in that moment to the coverage from what was a space of public bath with thermal waters, which it was known as Fonte do I bathe, without any formalization.

After 135 years of life and history, to revert the progressive constructive deterioration of the original materials (granite, forge, smelting and bronzes) and also to improve the environment of the spring to return to him the functional, environmental and urban condition adapted to the quality of this good, were the objective double that was chased by the works of restoration of the Fonte da Burga. The rehabilitation possessed the favorable opinion of the Committee Adviser of the Way of Santiago and the approval of the Dirección Xeral de Patrimonio Cultural de la Xunta.

Vasos ornamentales de la fundición francesa de Vall d`Osne
Ornamental glasses of the French smelting by Vall d`Osne.

During the process of draft of the project of restoration of “A Fonte da Burga”, the suspicion arose, due to the clarity of the organization, modulation and ornamental wealth of the source – of a more educated character of the common thing, since for example in the choice of the ornamental glasses of French smelting by Vall d`Osne-, of that his origin and design had to answer to a hand specific and not as anonymous as it could seem.

This suspicion joined knowledge that very shortly after this thermal construction was inaugurated D. Alejandro Rodríguez Sesmero was employed in the successive years at the Schools and retirement home of Caldas de Reis led to the investigation in the municipal files, which the payment made concrete to D. Rodriguez Sesmero for the accomplishment of the works of adequacy of this urban area of the Royal street and also other payments to the person in charge of the hewn stone and smelting of the source, in order that they were resolving with the architect responsible for the direction of the same one, which guaranteed and stopped confirming the theory of his intervention as original architect of this emblematic element of the villa of Caldas de Reis.

La restauración del elemento de 1881 fue terminada en Julio de 2017.

Work: Restoration of Fonte da Burga in Caldas de Reis.
Promoter: Concello de Caldas de Reis,
Locationn: Caldas de Reis. Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain
Autores: Luis Gil Pita – Cristina Nieto Peñamaria. ARCHITECTS, Rigger, Mónica Balado, Collabotors: Beatriz Asorey, designer, Alberto Alonso, architect.
Builder Company: Ramón Suárez – Obradoiro Compostela constructora/ Renovatio Restauración –Forxa Chago herrero-
Initial condition and process photography: Luis Gil Pita
End photography: Roi Alonso- Roi Alonso fotografía de arquitectura.
Year: 2016-17

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