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During the next 40 years, 3 trillions of persons will change to the cities. The urbanization of Asia and the countries known as ‘Third world’ it has been one of the relevant subjects in the architecture and the town planning.

When the cities grow and the people migrate, there are created also areas of empty territory. These areas generate problematic so complex as the excess of urbanization, in the measure that they empty of population, turn into cores which growth decreases and finally they stay without services condemned to the abandon, and to the disappearance of activities, trades, culture and traditions.

In countries like Chile the condensation of the services they generate cities with complex challenges of growth in a country with an extensive and rich territory that begins to generate uninhabited zones, the trades, the traditions and the crafts forget, also the things that us are really own and distinguish us. When the world continues in a boss of growth of gentle cities and new economic concentrated zones, there appear new areas developed in spite of his remote location and his isolation. Probably still there remains great for learning, probably is it a time to look at the periphery?

Chile and Finland are located in remote places, are peripheries removed from the centers of production and innovation so much of architecture, technologies, ideas and culture REMOTOS, it wants to think over respect of what means to be an architect in places as remote as our countries and to offer a fresh look to future projects and to the future of the architecture, from professional fenced practices, and to check the architecture mas recent and distinctive of both countries across his emergent architects.

Removed from the centers of production, innovation, technology, culture and ideas, REMOTOS, qit wants to think what means to be an architect in countries as distant as Chile and Finland, and as this distance it allows to offer a fresh look with a view to the future of the architecture, checking the architecture mas recent and distinctive of our countries across his emergent architects. In a format Marathon, throughout an intense day, we will check the work of 12 professional practices of Finland and Chile, across 8 national representatives and 4 Finnish offices.

DATE: 16.10.2014
HOUR: 9.30 am- 21.00 pm
ADRESS: Parque Forestal S/N Santiago de Chile
PHONE: +56 2 2499 1600

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