Rehabiliatación Thermal

Promotion of the application of renewable energies in the houses, allowing a big reduction of the energetic costs. For this, will be necessary to analyse each technology and his possibility of application in the rehabilitation of houses and his possibilities of saving. On the other hand, these systems will allow an efficient generation so much of the thermal part as of the electrical part.

Addressees. Professionals of skilled companies in the design and installation of energetic systems, of the construction, rehabilitation and architecture. It will favour  the participation of pertaining addressees to communities prioritarios.


1. Systems of illumination. Basic theoretical training

2. Simulation of illumination. Dialux

3. Control and regulation of systems of illumination


Each student will receive a supporting diploma of the reception of the course and a copy of the practical cases that compose the course.

Face-to-face training

Course: Rehabiliatación thermal

Date: 8, 9 and 10 May 2012

Squares: 40

Number of hours: 15

Place: CITEXVI (Cidade Tecnolóxica of Vigo) CUVI

energetic Efficiency in the electrical consumption: illumination and general consumptions

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