Reform and extension of the Crecente Health Center | Hermo Iglesias Veiga Arquitectos

To look for opened spaces that promote his relation with the nature is the premise of the one that divides the rehabilitation of this Health Center, a new image is generated identificativa and functional.

The project understands the reform and extension of the Center of existing Health and the former house of the doctor nowadays in disuse.

In the zone of waits there is projected a natural front solved in wood that promotes the sights to the wooded environment simultaneously that controls the solar incident.

With the intention of living this front one arranges a bank rested on the gallery as parladoiro that brings the users over to the hanging and to form a part of him visually.

The character of rest of the building is neutral, the stone and opaque zones of the extension are unified by white mortar of lime.

Work: Reform and extension of the Crecente Health Center

Author: Hermo Iglesias Veiga Arquitectos (Víctor Hermo Sánchez, Juan Iglesias Babío,Iván López Veiga)

Collaborators: Ana Mª Arbones Suances, Mª Carmen Carballeira Rodríguez, Anabel Ortiz Conlledo

Location: Crecente, Pontevedra, Galicia, España
Year: 2006-2008

Promoter: Sergas

Structure: Francisco Carballo and Carolo Losada

Facilities: Eduardo Gómez Ramos

Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages _Iglesias y Veiga Arquitectos


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