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In one of the Ourense’s most commercial streets, there appears the reform of a business premises destined for the sale of clothes and complements. The basic premise of the intervention will be to provide with a corporate specific image and the easily recognizable above mentioned boutique, as well as to obtain a suggestive space that invites to accede to the different clients.


The challenge at the moment of planning the execution, was to standardize the process of construction due to the limited term of execution of two months. For the front, there was planned the accomplishment of the surrounding framework of steel cut in workshop. In the same way, for the joint of the explanatory system, there are prefabricated a few porticoes of variable directive in wood of spruce whitened, on that the tightened bands executed in sheet are fixed deployée lacadas in white color., and the bars of hang and prisms for double article and complements executed in platens of natural varnished iron, and in board black varnished dull DM.

The front_

On no variation having be allowed in the front of existing stone, in the original hollow proposes itself the sustitución of the previous carpentry of aluminium lacquer for demolished prism executed in steel cut; to accentuate to notice the idea of element levitante, the perimeter of the above mentioned element is promoted by a lighting by variation of color. The access is solved by means of a door of sheet of steel cut, with double drawer in sheet of steel cut folded, and sheet of stainless steel microperforated. It is chosen for an opaque and forceful element, to contrast with the lightness and transparency of the area of shop window. In the same way a night closing appears in the foyer of access, formed by a portalón with the negative of the top label. This closing prevents acts vandálicos and reinforces the corporate image with the logo gone deeply into saying big door.


Besides his maintenance for economic reasons, the rationality is chased in the use of the furniture. An existing table recovers, with the application of a stripping in white color; equally an armchair recovers in skin, for the zone of shoe store of ground floor, and they support the pavement of the mezzanine with the application of a treatment of whitened.

_The light

The theatrical effect of chiaroscuro and the use of lights of low consumption was the point of item at the moment of confronting the design of the lighting. The light will be one more material, being studied in a bidirectional sense, from the interior on the outside and vice versa. The night reading of the place is that of an element lantern that demolished, with the edge illuminated to accentuate the aspect of demolished volume. For the textile lateral bands, by means of the swamp of tangential light of the vertical paraments one tries to extend visually the space of sale, and to accentuate the looseness of the lateral coatings. As lighting accent, to notice the exposed product, they arrange three-phase electrified suspended rails, in which metal-workers connect projectors of halogenuros with optical superspot in the area of shop window, and optics happens in the rest of the exhibition. For zones of step, stairs, and level changes, was decided an indirect lighting formed by lights LED. By means of the placement of a microperforated sheet there is generated an effect of diffuse lighting, with projected shade, obtaining the same effect that in the metallic lateral bands.


For the exhibition of the whole product chooses for a design of personalized furniture realized in board DM black color, plates of natural iron, and platens of natural varnished iron.

_Sculptural element_ textile bands

Like work of basket-making, in the vertical paraments, arrange a few bands interlaced with the structure of porticoes of wood realized in sheet deployé lacada in white color. To accentuate the transparency and lightness of the lateral bands, lights are fixed in the pavement, seeking to highlight the above mentioned elements with the game of lights and shades.

_Prefabrication in workshop

Due to Such an exact term of execution of the reform, of two months of duration, planned the execution of all the elements in workshop, for a rapid assembly in work. There is executed in the workshop the cut of all the pieces of wood that shape the different porticoes, with variable directives according to geometry of the place. In the same way the deployment the bands tightened of coating interlaced of the porticoes realized in stuck-up sheet.


For the identification of the shop, a corporeal label was executed in sheet of steel cut soaking laser, retroiluminada by means of lights LED. To reinforce the concept of brand the logo of the signature joins as label.

Work: Reform of space for sale of clothes and complements

Authors: C. Cecilia López Muiños+Juan José Otero Vázquez

Collaborator: Luis Ángel López Gómez

Year: March 2012

Location: Rúa Santo Domingo 72. Ourense [Ourense]

Photographies: Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages


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