Reality and periphery of the architecture

Photography yielded by Stepienybarno

One week ago, last March 5, we had the fortune of forming a part of the day “The periphery of the architecture” included in the cycle “The reality of the architect”, event promoted by HNA and comisariado for the study StepienyBarno. The meeting was received by the school of architecture of the CEU San Pablo University, what better place that a school for this exchange of experiences.

Always it is of being grateful that “next” entities, we hope that they add to this type of initiatives, the architecture promote and support this type of meetings, not only for being his niche of market, if not for listening to the current and future professionals of the architecture.

In spite of the reality of the profession, it is known, lived and suffered daily by all of us, side was left for hours to give step at a few hours of marked positivism. José María Echarte initiated this attitude with his inaugural chat revealing the technical qualities of the architects, often forgotten, accompanied of examples of works, investigations and professional current attitudes. This general revision was touching fields of diverse nature, from more traditional, as the critique of architecture or “scientific” investigation, education, more current as the coaching, communication, etc.

“This is not even 5 % of what exists”

José María Echarte

They all have jointly that need from a complementary formation and / or interdisciplinariedad… Now let’s think how it has been or is the formation of each one in his ETSA …

After an intense debate, immediately afterwards one gave step to Enrique Parra’s presentations (MetaSpace), Marta Parra (Arquitectura de Maternidades) and Dolores Victoria Ruiz (Little Architect). The referees exposed of concise and passionate form the labor that they realize in the fields of the video games, the health and the education respectively. We are not going to go deeply in explaining the kindness of the projects, for it I them invite you to study and that you extract your own conclusions and impressions.

After the brief presentations it began an intense and wealth-producing debate, which produced a very positive exchange between the public assistant and the referees. There were approached topics as arid as plans of business, search of partners, etc. But necessary at the moment of extracting forward the projects. What remained clear that a magic recipe does not exist not universally to start any type of initiative. Though I want to highlight that a common ingredient to all is the personal interest in an area or topic, since they all stated that the way is hard and arduous, and therefore to work or to develop something that motivates you it is fundamental.

Photography yielded by Stepienybarno

Since in any round table there stayed debates opened for future editions, forums or conversations, such as the rethinking of the current plans of study, the flexibility and adjustment of the same ones, the complementary formation is necessary, etc.

Be afraid that they need from a major reflection but that for good or for evil they will be determinant in the future of the profession, and that were continued commenting on the networking later to the day.

Finally I would not like to stop being grateful for the friends that they approached and accompanied us during the day, Patricia Rodríguez (HNA), Verónica Sánchez (n´UNDO), Aurora Adalid, (Zuloark), Paz Molinari (Architour), Raquel Martínez, Pacho Camino, Rodrigo Almonacid (r-arquitectura), Santiago de Molina (Múltiples estrategias de arquitectura), Alberto Ruiz, Antonio Navarro (1/3 de Pedacicos Arquitectónicos) and great others.

Alberto Alonso Oro,

architect and publisher in veredes

La Coruña, March, 2015

Alberto Alonso Oro

Arquitecto y editor en veredes, arquitectura y divulgación. Invernalia es un buen lugar. A veces escribo en Fundacion Arquia.

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