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STUDIO GORM, in his series Peg (Peg + Wood Peg) gathers two of the principal characteristics of the tradition Shaker: The first one consists of the union of the pieces of wood for assembly without using accessories; that derives from the form of life of these communities, where there were in use only the materials which they were having in his immediate environment.

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The second one is the reference to the tradition Shaker of hanging the furniture of the wall by means of a few elements of furniture specially designed for it, ésto was allowing the use of the domestic space for different activities liberating it of furniture depending on the needs; it is not necessary to forget that the term (rough) Shaker derives from the dances at the edge of the situation that they realized to be liberated of the evil.

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The resonances of the tradition Shaker seem to expand with great success while the last community formed by four members agonizes in the condition of Maine, due to the fact that the groups are bachelors and only new members can catch across the adoption or the conversion. But the contemporary versions do not turn out to be so evocative as the genuine design, since it is estimated in the excellent catalogue of furniture Shaker that can disburden in Abbeville. To know more on the life in these communities, Cabovolo has written an interesting article.

Xosé Suárez, architect
Santiago de Compostela, october 2010
Published in  Nº 313 [sillas…]

Xosé Suárez

Arquitecto por la E.T.S.A.C. En el pasado he trabajado como barista, como dependiente en Adolfo Domínguez, he construido lámparas, mobiliario y otros objetos para la casa. Ahora estoy interesado en el diseño y construcción de mobiliario de madera y joyería para hombre. En paralelo, aprendo el oficio de silvicultor.

Tengo experiencia como profesor de dibujo técnico y programas de cad. También edito, cuando dispongo de tiempo libre, los siguientes blogs: #oxoguetedehoxeprefabricadonotirony y Nº313 [sillas…] Una guía para el fabricador de sillas.

a) Reivindicar el mueble como elemento con valor patrimonial colectivo, depositario de valores y testigo de la sociedad que lo concibe y/o usa.

b) Investigar y difundir el mueble único, singular, artesanal o de diseño; en particular la silla y los muebles y elementos complementarios relacionados con ella.

c) Promocionar y difundir los oficios y los profesionales comprometidos con el diseño, fabricación y conservación del mueble.

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