What do we make the Spanish architects?

The initiative what do we make the Spanish architects? It will be carried out in a double format, materialized in two phases: the first one articulated by means of a series of round tables supported by presence and debates in social networks, followed by the second one, a sample in the shape of “market”, in which the diversity of the activity will appear.

Both formats remain interrelated by the common speech that is constructed on having answered to the question, what do we make the architects?

The architect’s profession is transforming. During the last years this scene has been intensified. There have taken again and re-defined multiple work camps and action for the architects and the architecture, which have added to the tasks, let’s say traditional, of the architect, simultaneously that has had a tendency towards the specialization and a new professional organization that the model of work has changed. Today, we can affirm that under the same umbrella named “architect” there coexist professional very diverse realities between yes.

The initiative what do we make the architects? It is an opened investigation. It tries to promote, first, the internal construction of the debate on the professional activity between the architects and, secondly, to show with clarity to the company the diverse professional capacities of the architect. The initiative proposes to think, to rake and to show the field diversity of action of the architect. It is an opened question that throws the own architects in order that with his response we could outline a collective map of the current condition of the profession, construct a contemporary figure of the same one and bring it over, show it and share it with the company.

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