Quattuor | Fernando M. Molina León – Sofía Urzainqui – José Rodríguez – Maite Rodríguez

Ephemeral architecture in the gardens the Citadel of Pamplona.

Quattuor Fernando M. Molina León - Sofía Urzainqui - José Rodríguez - Maite Rodríguez o6

“Quattuor” suggests a different way of looking.
Four repeated volumes,
only of a counterfoil and the intermediate space,
of it are born infinite readings.

Abundance and emptiness form an exterior coherent set
and an interior of “streets” with not conventional limits.

As four tense prisms,
as if we were forcing the perspective,
as if the world moviera without the spectator, …
We Claim another perception of the city.
The ideal occasion to rethink the architecture and the porqué of his form.

This simple project forms a part of the investigation
of a group of pupils and a PhD student of architecture;
it is a question of outlining a crossroads of ways
that turn into streets on having been between volumes
and having forced his perpendicular habitual position to be able to experiment with them.
What would happen if the cities were not networks of squares?
What would happen if the walls were not vertical?
What would happen if I had to draw and construct the city?
Have you stopped to think in a way that it has what you live?

Often the form of the city is associated with the way of belonging to his people … why do so many buildings and so many cities look alike so much? And the persons?

And why the number 4? It is the number that arranges the installation. It is present from the individual object (4 sloping faces of 4 vertexes each one), up to the set of the installation (4 identical modules placed in 4 corners of the installation), even in the emptinesses (4 equal emptinesses and one jointly in the center). Also they are 4 the authors: Fernando Molina, Sofía Urzainqui, Jose Rodríguez y Maite Rodríguez.

Work: Quattuor
Autlor: Fernando Mariano Molina León, Sofía Urzainqui, José Rodríguez, Maite Rodríguez
Location: Ciudadela de Pamplona, Pamplona. España
Promoter: Área de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Pamplona.
Materials: Structures of pipes of PVC covered with licra tightened.
Year: from June 24 until August 31, 2017.
Built area: 115 m2
Photography: Paco Sada
Video: María Azkárate
+ fernandomolinarquitectura.blogspot.com.es

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