Programming Open days [Proxecto Cárcere]

Already they are here! Are you all and all invited to take part. Of the Platform I Project Jail we invite you to inform of the Open days in the Old Provincial Jail of To Corunna that they will take place from Wednesday, the 8th until Saturday, the 11th of June. The inauguration of the days is foreseen for Wednesday, the 8th from June to 18:30. During the days there will be realized social, cultural activities and of the memory organized by diverse persons and groups of our city in order to show the big potential that takes this building, noutroras symbol of the repression, as a space of meeting and freedom from where the citizenship we could take part actively in the construction of our community.

The days are a step mas in a process that began the finales of 2010 when a group of approximately 40 persons and groups we decide to constitute the Platform I plan Jail and to work together towards recovery of the former jail as sociocultural center and of the memory. Because of it, to another side of visibilizar in situ this initiative filling the jail of activities and persons, and of promoting the support and participation of the company coruñesa, we think the days as an opportunity to debate and think about the construction of the project already towards future presentation of an offer firm and agreed from the participation and civil management. With this end we will have debates opened for the participation of all the persons and groups been interested in topics as: models of xestion and financing, ownership of the space, civil participation, construction of community, creation and artistic production, associative fabric of the city, etc.

To another side of the programming activity (he programmes disponibel shortly) also it will be possible visit in her enclosedly jail of form opened during 4 days of days to exhibition LIBERDAD.ES. This exhibition is the result of a call opened to produce works that were exploring Libertad’s concept as symbol of break with the space that the jail has represented historically in our imaginary one. In this exhibition they take part for return of 20 artists with sculptures, videoarte, photography, painting, facilities, etc. To LIBERDAD.ES’s inauguration it will take place on Wednesday, the 8th from June to 19:15 after the leitura of the manifest of the Platform Proxecto Cárcere.

Receipt: Point of information with diptyches, vests, sheets
Computer with web cam ” to register the public and participants ” (photo abreast and profile)
Thematic participative panels where the people prune to take part actively in the process.
Projection space: Place where they are projected in curl them come
Bar: It will be opened during all the days. We will serve canes, water, refreshments and some thorn.
Radio: Cuac FM
Photographic coverage: Ollo de vidro / Lomo colectivo

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