Program for the calculation of costs, fees and workload of the study

Programa para el cálculo de costes, honorarios y carga de trabajo del estudio

Calculate the general and labor costs of an architecture studio of up to 20 employees. It also calculates the hours of work and variable costs required by a building commission of different types and sizes. And deducts the fees to be charged for an order, such as to ensure a certain return.

It automatically provides reasonable values for most of the securities, such as the HNA, social security, or Asemas civil liability insurance or the corresponding fees. This greatly simplifies the introduction of data: it will be enough to write down the specifics of the order and take the rest for granted. It discriminates the required hours, costs and fees, by phases of the assignment and by employee, an effective instrument to control the development of work.

It facilitates the adjustment of strategic factors of the study, such as excess capacity, marketing effort, productivity or positioning, thus helping the architect to make decisions and control these components. The speed with which the results are obtained, and the file saving system facilitate the scoring, very necessary in strongly competitive environments such as those affecting architects in the free exercise of their profession.

That same speed allows the architect to offer his client a budget of his services in a few minutes, without errors or forgetfulness.

Download the program and help from Gonzalo García

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