What is is simple: it is the best way for independent workers (individuals and SMEs) to get noticed online and contacted directly by potential clients. works as an open index of experts, freelancers and other independent professionals worldwide.

Who is for?

Members range from expert academics to full-time freelancers/consultants (e.g. software engineers, data scientists, marketers etc), independent professionals (lawyers etc) and people looking for work here and there (e.g. language teachers, PhD students, MBA students etc). is for serious people open to get contacted for work opportunities. Primelist signals that, increases visibility and makes it easy/safe to be contacted by potential clients in 1 click.

What does allow its members to do?

Do the following for free:

• Be visible: open index!

• Be contactable in 1 click by potential clients.

• Aggregate your online presence in 1 place.

• Be recommended for your work in 1 click.

Which areas of expertise are welcome?

The scope is constantly widening: members currently have the following areas of expertise:

• Advertising

• Business Strategy, Finance & Operations

• Data Science

• Design & Multimedia

• Engineering

• Information Technology

• Legal

• Natural Sciences

• Public Policy & Development

• Public Relations

• Real Estate

• Research

• Translation

• Web & Software Development

How do I create my page?

Simply register for free here, in 5 mins. Note that you will need 1 online reference of a past client or colleague vouching for you to complete the registration process.

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