Manuel Gómez Román Award 2011 [summons]

Summoned the Prizes Gómez Roman for projects of rehabilitation of the traditional Galician architecture. Both modalities you gave prizes ” traditional buildings rehabilitated or restored ” and ” adjectival constructions rehabilitated or reconstructed ” they try to stimulate the rehabilitation of the traditional Galician habitat and to contribute thus to the recovery of the landscape and rural cores of Galicia.

1.-Manuel Gómez Roman will be able to meet to the ” Prize ” any natural person or juridical editor of the project of some traditional construction or adjectival construction reformed or rehabilitated in Galicia.

2.-It is an indispensable condition that so much the designs like the used materials and other characteristics of the buildings and constructions presented to contest are in agreement with the environment, and guard relation with the traditional architecture of the region.

3.-Will be admitted only those projects that should be totally finished and that should possess municipal due legalized license.

4.-The ” Prize Manuel Gómez Roman ” understands two modalities:

Her) traditional Buildings rehabilitated or restored, endowed with 2.000 €

b) Adjectival constructions (barns, dovecots, muiños …) rehabilitated or reconstructed, endowed 1.000 €.

These amounts will be subject to the fiscal in force legislation.

5.-The Association will grant anually the medal of silver of the Association to a personality, public or personal, that has been outlined for the promotion and defense of the material or landscape heritage of Galicia.

6.-The persons, institutions or entities interested in Manuel Gómez Roman takes part in the summons of the ” Prize “, will have to contribute the following documentation:

1. Photographic article of the construction and location of the same one, as well as anyone another documentation that they consider to be opportune (planes, technical projects, etc …).

2. Photocopy of the license of municipal work sent by the corresponding town hall.

3. Information of the owner or owners of the building:

Her) name and surnames

b) Postal direction

c) Telephone number

d) E-mail

7.-The above mentioned documentation will have to be sent to the thirst of the Association Friends of the Castelo de Maceda SETESTRELO before 12 a.m. of September 17, 2011, indicating in on that it should contain the documentation to following legend: ” Offer for the Prize Manuel Gómez Roman “, as well as the modality to the one that meets.

The direction is: Rúa Reza 3 Ourense

Sending will be admitted, equally, across the e-mail.

The direction in this case is:

8.-A juror of recognized prestige will meet on September 17, 2011 to evaluate the offers that they present. Likewise, it will have legal authority for the interpretation of the present bases, poidendo declare desert the prize that he considers to be opportune.

9.-Once issued and spread the decision of the juror of the ” Prizes Manuel Gómez Roman ” they will submit in public act that will be celebrated in the Castelo de Maceda on October 15, 2011 at 12:30 a.m.

10.-The Association Friends of the Castelo de Maceda “Setestrelo” saves itself the right to use all the times estimate opportune, the image and the name of the rewarded real estate, without it gives place to additional payment none, being the quantity of the prizes to the only and total remuneration.

11.-The winning constructions will not be able to take part in successive summons of the ” Prize Manuel Gómez Roman “.

12.-The documentation corresponding to the not winning real estate will be able to be withdrawn by his owners in the thirst of the Association in the maximum space of two months from the date of the act of public delivery of the prizes. Later, the documentation that was not withdrawn, will be destroyed.

13.-The participation in this contest implicit ride the acceptance of the present bases.

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