Interventions in the Landscape Juana de Vega Award 2016


Interventions in the Landscape Juana de Vega Award arises from the conviction of that the landscape is a fundamental element of the heritage of any human company, for affecting directly in his physical and spiritual well-being and for being a socio-economic resource of enormous potential.

Putting in value and to improve the landscape quality of the territory, the Landscape Galician School in the Juana de Vega Foundation, it summons this prize in order to recognize those interventions in the natural and constructed heritage, which they should help to improve the quality of the elements that form the landscape of Galicia and that use as social reference to future interventions in the same one.

The Prize, which will be summoned anually, consists of three categories:

1. Interventions in landscape. 2016
Recognition of those interventions realized in exterior spaces. The term for the presentation of candidacies will be opened until June 30, 2016 and the failure of the juror will be announced in the last four-month period of the year.

2. Interventions deprived in the constructed heritage and his environment. 2017
Recognition of those interventions destined to recover the constructed heritage and the putting in value of his environment.

3. Houses. 2018
Recognition of the best one-family housing, both of new plant and of rehabilitation, which could influence favorably the types of housing that is constructed in Galicia.

For more information, it consults every category of the prize.

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