FAD Award for Architecture and Interiorismo 2014

ARQUIN-FAD also opens the summons of presentation of works to take part in the Prize FAD of Thought and Critical, for that they can compete all those texts and publications, webs, blogs and other means related to the city, the landscape, the architecture, the interiorismo, etc., that have helped from significant form to promote the debate and the critique, so necessary in the Iberian Peninsula to formulate the bases of our culture. With the intention of recognizing the paper of this written architecture, this category distinguishes all those works that they have to see with the terms of reference of the same category, that is to say, with the “thought” and the “critique”. There stay, therefore excluded, all the publications which purpose is only the promotion / diffusion of architectural work (own or foreign), without there is no type of theoretical contribution or of reflection.

They will be able to present to the Prize of Thought and Critique 2014 those works published (unpublished works will not be accepted) in the area of the Iberian peninsula, between January 1 and December 31, 2013, which they integrate to the following tipologías: books (tests, catalogues of exhibitions, monographs, etc.), collections, periodic publications in paper, numbers of specialized magazines, fixed sections of magazines or newspapers, punctual articles of newspapers or magazines, and other supports (CD / DVD, Internet portal, blogs, webs, podcasts, etc.).

The juror of the Prizes FAD of Thought and Critical 2014 is composed by Antonio Pizza, Juan Calatrava and Moses Puente. The term of presentation of works will finish, as other categories of the Prizes FAD, on January 29, 2014.

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