VI Architecture Elevators ENOR Award 2014. José María Sanchez García and Estudio SOL 89

The winning projects were publicized on Wednesday, the 12th of November, across the official web page of the prize. The juror formed by Eduardo Souto de Moura as president, Carlos Quintáns Eiras, secretary, Juan Domingo Santos, winner of the Great Prize Enor in the year 2011, Juan Creus Andrade, Luis Martínez Santa-María and Fredy Massad, read his failure where they announced both works rewarded of between 20 finalists who were choosing to the prizes. A great edition with more than 300 projects presented to contest.

Building Perimetral and adequacy of the environment of Diana’s temple

The winner of the Great Prize Enor of these summons relapsed on José María Sanchez García, for his work of the “Building Perimetral and adequacy of the environment of Diana’s temple” in Merida, Badajoz. The juror thought that this one I project it demonstrates of very guessed right form the possibilities that the contemporary architecture has to recover a historical certain context and to offer a valuable way of understanding it, beside putting at the disposal of the city different spaces for new uses.

School of Hotel and catering business in the Former Slaughter house

For your part, María González García y Juanjo Lopez de la Cruz of the estudio SOL 89, obtained the Prize Enor of Young Architecture for the “School of Hotel and catering business in the Former Slaughter house” in Medina Sidonia, Cadiz. It is a question of a work that, according to the juror, it solves with a lot of interest the integration with the existing building and the public space since, being different, it coexists of way adapted with the preexistences. It highlights, in addition, the difficulties that the place and the program offers, and does it by means of a guessed right composition of the volumes and a suggestive employment of the materials.

The show of delivery of Prizes will be celebrated on Monday, the 17th of November from 20:00 H in Enor’s central facilities, in the Technological and Logistic Park of Vigo. The juror, together with representatives of Elevators Enor, will do delivery of the awards to the winning architects, which will expose in a brief chat his work to all the assistants. In addition, one will present the book ” I SAW Prize of Architecture Elevators Enor “, that gathers the winning projects, finalists and selected of this edition. With an issue of 3000 copies in Spanish and Portuguese, this book will distribute between all the persons who come to the event.

In this act, Enor tries to open his doors to all the professionals of the sector in order that they enjoy, not only of the presentación of the winning works, but in addition they could know the facilities of the company that, with more than 60 years of experience, gives service across his delegations for the northwest of Spain and Portugal, and where special equipments are made for the whole world and for a sector as special as the naval one, in that Enor is a leader of the market.

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