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Utilization of facilities.

Before the construction of the swimming pools, the Monte do Gozo contains the space of graderío and scene for big concerts with capacity for 36.000 persons. The swimming pools there take advantage, with a small reform, the ticket office, bathroom and cafeteria of the side of west. The project, original of Alfonso Penela, he constructed these pieces combining walls of concrete, walls of masonry of granite and elements of closings and portalones in steel cut. 25 years later, and after a scanty use, his architecture is still in force.

The graderío, and all his space perimetral, happens to be space of solarium and scattering of the swimming pools. And not only the space annotated by the installation is shared since, this place, it is opened completely at sight distant of the city of Santiago.

Santiago is a city difficult to meditate from the distance and from his interior it is a city without horizon, without conference distant.

The Monte do Gozo and especially this place seeks to go out to the light as the new space of scattering of the city. The place where the pilgrims see the Cathedral and it is an anteroom of the end of the way is also the place where Santiago is re-discovered by the neighbors.

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To construct a swimming pool in a lagoon, inside a lagoon. To construct a new fluvial beach for the city of Santiago and our visitors. To take advantage of the magnificent installation of the bleachers and facilities of the audience, to re-use the buildings and to extract to light a secret space for the neighbors.

These are the questions and these answers:

1. The whole set of current wardrobes next the access are conditioned for the use of the fluvial beach.

2. The access takes place for the current ticket office.

3. The existing bar turns partly of the installation.

4. The fluvial beach spreads over the whole space of the graderío. The audience, with south orientation, sunny the whole day, turns into space of games and meeting. All the surroundings happen to be spaces of stay on the lawn. Logical and minimal interventions.

This space, closed and hidden till now, happens to be “the beach” of Santiago de Compostela.

5. The swimming pools are inside the water. To bath inside the lagoon. On the waters the platforms of concrete and stone construct the spaces to be, to walk, to sit and to sunbathe.

6. The swimming pools do not work all the year round, but this new park must be enjoyed all the year round. The swimming pools turn into a bridge that it allows to enjoy the graderío for sports activities. The construction must resist the passage of time. His lack of use in winter the very intense one in summer. The concrete and the stone like support of the passage of time.

7. Architecture pregnante, exposed and stretched. Architecture to be and to walk. Architecture to rest on the waters of a lagoon.

Work: Monte do Gozo swimming pools
Cost: 275.72 €/m2
Author: Oscar Lopez Alba (OLA estudio)
Year: 2017
Promoter: Axencia Galega de Turismo. Xunta de Galicia
Location: Monte do Gozo, Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain
Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimagenes

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