Written out I. Josep Quetglas Riusech

Written out, this is quite all that will have stayed, solid-state, of my step along the School of Architecture of Barcelona. The publication owes Carles Muro, Inés de Rivera and Ton Salvadó to itself. I am thinking about perceiving, in the insistent interest that they have showed to assemble these writings, gesture to a time of care for the old thing and of nostalgia for the young woman, nostalgia for his own formation, when they themselves were, as students, contemporary to the manufacture of some of the materials now here assembled.

I see with affection his attention, in all that I understand that it is, especially, of yes the same, young, of whom they are saying goodbye. Here we separate: because I, as these writings, do not continue either. I remain here.

Author: Josep Quetglas

Edition: Carles Muro Soler+Inés de Rivera

ISBN: 84-8191-464-9

Nº edition:

Binding: Rustic

Format: 21×17 cm

Pages: 220

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