Architect’s word: the digital area, a new space for the architectural critique?

This round table moderated by Domenico di Siena, it confronts the vision of some of the communicators of the current panorama of our architecture, in his relation with the critique and with the new professional models who plead for an architect who works more with communities and less with bricks. They intervene: Domenico di Siena, Santiago de Molina, José María Echarte, Anatxu Zabalbeascoa and Aurora Adalid.

In a world as that of the architecture, governed historically by the publications in paper, the critique was subordinated to the directives that the principal magazines were marking. In the same way as the existence of prizes, biennial shows and contests was served by them to legitimize a few pre-established lines of escape. The Internet appearance and the new formulae of communication (blogs, social networks as Twitter, etc.) platforms have made proliferate from those who show themselves the most varied points of view, the critique is pluralizado and many anonymous people have found loudspeaker and generating alternative currents of thought that relegate the former formulae to a background.

The generational jump that these new spaces register for the critique accompanies of an economic crisis that seems to have revealed new way of exercising the profession: from the model of the architect – conductor or cinematographic producer, who takes decisions of hierarchic form and constructs buildings with a technical and aesthetic value, it has passed to a new conception where it gives priority to the aptitude to construct scenes of action based on a few social values.

Wednesday on December 11, 2013, at 19:00 h.
Assembly hall of the BNE
This act will be broadcast directly from the web.

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