PAAR–Parque Arqueológico del arte Rupestre de Campo Lameiro

“Arrive to Campo Lameiro supposes to experience in some kilometres an important change in the landscape, abandon the densely populated zones of the coastal band or of the surroundings of the main roads for adentrarse in a mountainous landscape of settlements dispersos separated by big forest masses, of deep valleys in which the verdor of the cultured terrains contrasts strongly with the arbolado or the low mountain of the highest zones.”

rvr arquitectos

The publication is a monograph devoted to the “Archaeologic Park of the Rupestrian art of Field Lameiro”, work of the study of architecture rvr architects [Alberto Round Marcial+Rodríguez+José Valladares]. The book, with a care and simple design realised by José Villacé in collaboration with the own architects, lodges a delicate and respectful architecture with the place.  In his interior collects a photographic and planimetric report clear and concise, in accordance with the architecture that look for the authors, that support  so much in his own words, as in two small writings of Manuel Rey [El Parque arqueológico de Arte Rupestre] y de Carlos Pita [Mirando desde O Outeiro Dos Cogoludos].

This publication has been possible thanks to the support of Acciona Infrastructures SA and the Conselleria of Culture and Tourism.

Edited by: Nuria Carballo

Concept: rvr architects, José Villacé

Coordination: Nuria Carballo

Design graphic: José Villacé

Fotografia: Tone Mejuto, Marcial Rodríguez [p.89 and 93]

Translation to the Galician: Secretaria Xeral de Política Lingüística

Translation to the English: A.T.I.agencia de traductores e Intérpretes

Impression and photomecanic: Graficas Anduriña

Distribution: bookshop Formatos

ISBN: 978 84 614 6176 9

The articulate is written by alberto alonso oro

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