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0. Introduction

Sustainability currently shares many qualities with God; supreme concept, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient; creator and judge, protector, and (…) saviour of the universe and the humanity. And, like God, it has millions of believers. SAs we, the humans, are simple beings and desconfiados and need of images to be able to affirm our beliefs, the Green (the Echo, the Green), has appeared us  for personificar the sustainability, to turn into  his encarnación in the real world. But it can that the sustainability, to the equal that God, do not have a concrete form, not even a colour…

1. Emancipation

In a desperate attempt to give shape to an all-encompassing ideology the Green proves to work as the quickest and easiest representation of sustainability. The Green is the only symbol able to keep pace with today’s lack of patience and hunger for images; a Lady Gaga-Sustainability: effective, noticeable, creative, sensationalist. In a persistent effort to become the allegory of Sustainability, Green has been emancipated as its caricature.

Eco-Pantheon,Rome 126AD | st-ar.nl

1.2 In this desperate attempt to give form to all an ideology the Green has resulted to be the fastest representation and simple of the sustainability. The Green is the only able symbol to keep the frantic rhythm, the impatience and the thirst by images of the current society; a sustainability to the Lady Gaga: efectista, indiscreta, graphic, sensationalistic… In this hard effort for allegorizing to the sustainability, the Green has  emancipado like his caricature.

Sustainable-Cenotaph for Isaac Newton – Boullée, 1784 | st-ar.nl

1.3 The simplification of the initial concept is so extreme that the Green not even needs to be nature, or natural; it can be plastic or painted. It looks around… green façades, McDonald’s green, thousands of products, Echo, green partitions, green advertising, pages Web Echo, green shop window… The Green city already is here.

2. Function

If the Iconic buildings simply needed to be iconic, the Green buildings simply need to be green. Green as a function. Green allows sustainability to be bought per m2, or to be painted on, or glued on. Sustainability is a Photoshop filter in CS6: Ctrl+Green.

Eco-friendly Villa La Rotonda, Vicenza – Palladio, 1566| st-ar.nl

2.2 Although initially it was thought with the best of the intentions, any good idea in the current society, need to be simplified to a tenth part and vaciada of all contained to be able to be commercialised successfully between the masses. Until it could understand like an accessible process, democratic…; to the equal that an imitation of a bag of Prada allows to many but women approach to the feeling Prada and carry his status.

2.3 The archirepetido pretext excusando the overdose of Greens, Echos and Nature-friendly’s alleging that ‘at least the people  consciousness of the sustainability’ has done effect, if the effect considers  take out cut of the subject: the Green products go up in index of sales, the juries of contests thrill  when reading the histories Echo-epics of the projects, and the politicians know that betting by the Green will obtain but simpatizantes. But the Green has achieved to divert the attention of what really matters. Echo-flawless demagogy.

2.4 If all the proposals and visions for the future of the city and the contests of architecture won under the effects of the Green executed , the city would transform  in a sophisticated version of the current state of the dead Zone of Chernóbil. (See Pripyat in spring).

Eco-friendly Villa Savoya, Poissy – Le Corbusier, 1929 | st-ar.nl

3. Style

3.1 Modern Movement, Postmodernism, Deconstructivismo… Definitively find us now in the Sostenibilismo. Unlike the previous styles, all the architects can be Sostenibilistas: the vanguardistas, the commercial, the youngsters, the established… Besides the Sostenibilismo is not an exclusive style and can be combined with the others styles: Echo-Deconstructivismo, Green-Postmodernism… Is THE democratic style. The magazines of architecture and the commercial brochures have found at last a common language: the Green. The Green is also the common point between the architect, the customer, the promoter, and the user. The Green deletes the discrepancies. It is fantastic, is the saviour of the Tower of Babel. Finally we will be able to reach the Skies. For the first time we find us in front of a true International Style; from Madrid, to Copenhagen, going through Dallas or Istanbul. The Sostenibilismo is so upper that works in any place; it is the winning style, the global champion, -although precisely this fact does him terribly insostenible. Unlike the others styles –imagines a city designed totally from the Deconstructivismo…- It is possible to build a whole city to the Sostenibilista. It can exist in any place and to any scale: from a skyscraper, until an individual house, or an interior; all voucher. And it can accommodate any taste: to the Green  him moldea as to a combed: long and mullido, compact to the afro, partially shaved creating ornaments…

3.2 The Green buildings can be Tinglados Decorated or Buildings Duck, and there are peculiar examples that can be simultaneously both giving place to the Duck Decorated.

3.3 The Green will have to incorporate like the sixth principle inside the five points of the architecture of Him Corbusier, and like fourth pillar to the triple of Vitruvio: Venustas, Utilitas, Firmitas + Sustenabilitas.

Il Monumento Continuo e Sostenibile, NewYork [© Original Superstudio, courtesy of Adolfo Natalini] | st-ar.nl

3.4 The product built (…) of the Sustainability is not the sustainable architecture, but the Green.

The Green is what remains afterwards that the sustainability have continued on its course or, more specifically, what congeals  while the Sustainability this occurring: his sequela.  (1)

3.5 Green is the New Black.

4. Religion

4.1 The Green works like the faith. The Catholic Church soon will add Saint Green (or Saint Echo) to his santoral. Saint Green protects to the green architects and guides them in the sustainable direction. If we pray him all the Saint days Green recompensará ours plegarias: the politicians will obtain more votes, the architects will win more contests and the companies will sell more products.

Sustainable Concentration Camp Auschwitz I, 1940 | st-ar.nl

5. Ambiguity

5.1 However the Green hides a perverse dimension… As in a film of David Lynch, everything seems to be in perfect calm, but there is something inquietante… rotting… The Green is the lie shared, the secret consensus, the perfect crime. All know that it can not be so good, neither so easy, but what but gives? The Green sells, and there is sufficient for all. A new class of friendly intimidation: Echo-terrorism.

Berlin Eco-Wall, 1989 | st-ar.nl

5.2 The Green suffers of disorder of multiple personality; the Gurús of the Green, the Echo-Saviours, the followers of the Green…. They preach the but variopintos arguments totally contradictory and incompatible between himself. But this seems not supposing a problem, whenever the argument was Green, because to all the world likes him –or has to like- the Green, and if it is not like this, is that they are aberrant human beings. The exponential need of popular acceptance does of the Green the excellent instrument. Green: I Like

5.3 The dictionary of Microsoft for Word in Spanish indicates the following synonymous for Green: obscene, spicy, indecent, indecoroso, impúdico, dishonest, escabroso and free. In English, apart from the referents to his colour offers: immature and inexperto.

5.4 Here we plough now, entertainers.

6. Appendix

The relation between the architects and the Green remembers to the “Discovery” of America; no only the “New World” already was here, but the majority remain  like Columbus… convinced that they had arrived to the Indians.


The economic crisis and the hambre increasing of identity accelerated the creation of the Green City. In the Green City all the companies changed his logos to the green colour, only sold Echo-products and offered services Echo-friendly. His inhabitants lived in a healthy fight for being the greenest. In the Green City the nuclear head offices were sustainable. The films in black and white were green also. In the Green City the powers of the Green were so heroic that could patch the shames of the past: the fields of concentration, the wall of Berlin…, any moment of the history could go back sustainable of retroactive way. The Green purchased status confesional and could absolve any sin. In the Green City the uniforms of soldiers were the last fashion, Hulk was the man of the year and the Zone of Chernóbil the echo-destination vacacional more requested. The architects were súper aroused with the Green. Green façades, green covers, green partitions… All what could cover  of Green covered  of Green. But behind the cameras the Green bubble grew and grew desmesuradamente… Anybody dared to speak of this and in an attack of avarice, fearing the end of this hen of the eggs of gold, the architects began  to use the Green frantic and incontroladamente. The Green City transformed  in a continuous field of golf. The confusion was colossal, reigned the descontrol and in an attack cual Saturn, the Green City began to devour to his inhabitants. But then, and just in this moment, a second illustration began to flower… The survivors began to reason, to see clearer, to not needing see the Green to believe in the sustainability, to the equal that neither needed to see columns to believe in the structural stability –and the Green City went  extinguishing slowly… This mucosa was cleaned, the green parties no longer were necessary and McDonlad’s went back to be red.

Environmentally Friendly Nuclear Power Plant, Dukovany | st-ar.nl

The Dream of the Reason Produces Monsters, Green and Hairy Monsters.

– – –

(1) Taken of Junkspace-Space Rubbish of Rem Koolhaas: Substituindo Space Rubbish by Green and Modernity by Sustainability.

Beatriz Ramo – STAR strategies + architecture

[Participara como ponente en International Architecture Festival em3 2011]

O’Mighty Green – by Beatriz Ramo – STAR strategies + architecture

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Beatriz Ramo
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Beatriz Ramo (1979, España) se graduó de la Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura envalencia – ETSAV, enEspaña. En 2002 recibió una beca para estudiar en la Technische Universiteit inEindhoven, moviéndose a Países Bajos, donde ha vivido desde entonces. Durante 2003 y 2004 Beatriz Ramo trabajó en la Oficina de Arquitectura Metropolitana – OMA – en Rotterdam donde participó en – entre otros proyectos – la CCTV- de China Sede central de televisión y TVCC Centro Cultural -Televisión en Beijing, el Teatro Wyly en Dallas, la Concursos invitados para los planes urbanos de “Mercados Generales” en Roma, y la zona de la estación de ferrocarril en Logroño, España. En 2006 fundó STAR estrategias de arquitectura + inRotterdam. Desde 2007 Beatriz Ramo ha sido profesor en diferentes instituciones en los Países Bajos e invitada en diferentes países. Desde 2012 Beatriz Ramo es miembro del Consejo Científico de la AIGP.

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