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The order realized by Club Mate Chile and Zambó Assaí was the development of his new commercial offices, located in the managerial core of Franklin neighborhood, in the commune of Santiago de Chile.

This neighborhood was founded in the periphery of the city of Santiago and little by little it was taking a strong commercial character, giving I go on to the development of the great bazaar Bío-Bío. As time goes by this place has transformed in one of the points of sale of antiquities and more important secondhand articles of the capital. To cross it is necessary to penetrate in extensive sheds and several apples of commercial spaces, some of them enabled like such and different installed in a spontaneous way.

In this context and inside a recent managerial growth, the neighborhood Franklin receives new commercial offers of diverse scales. Between that one finds the already mentioned managerial core. Building of three levels equipped with parkings, freight elevator and a series of big spaces for the companies.

The enclosure to intervening is located in the second floor, and is equipped with baths and dressing-rooms, the space is shaped by walls of masonry in brute painted white and a continuous window that they open the space towards exterior. The commanding one requested to project a working space in the same level, but paragraph of the facilities of the chamber of cold, the spaces of stowage and of processes of products.

The first decision of project was the utilization of the natural light, therefore the location of the offices is realized close to the windows.

Of the total area of the warehouse there defines an office space of 4×10 m. Separated from the area of storage by means of a frivolous partition structured in wood brushed of “1×4” and regarment in gummed 600 of 1,5 m of width, a type of washable textile of high duration. To cover the partition and the isolation black and gray tones are in use for contrasting with the intense corporate colors of the brands.

Once defined the division and the dimension destined for office, develops a programmatical interior subdivision with different degrees of permeability, a space for marketing, one for operations and a room of meetings deprived and isolated of other enclosures. Whereas functionally it is decided to do a longitudinal zoning where the nearest space to the window has a constant office of eight meters of suitable length for labors of work.

Parallel to the office of the window there is constructed a plot that gives him certain porosity to the space, since it shapes across the whole room different relations between small atmospheres. This one is a structure autoamble capable of containing spaces of storage, organization and a series of corners for necessary activities of leisure during the day of work. Between both ends an integrated traffic remains where the offer seeks to make the limit of traffic diffuse and to generate a great functional space.

To construct this space of storage the double system is in use prop-girder, with strips of pine brushed of “1×2” and one modulation of 75cm between pigeonholes. To it there add a series of horizontal divisions for the mantelpieces, some of which take a textile cover that allows to conceal the objects deposited in his interior. The furniture is relating the areas of leisure and storage by means of a cupboard re-dressed in fabric, where they guard the personal objects that the users of the office carry. Then a small table is used as service of cafeteria; very near to this one, an armchair in work with space for three persons receives and acts as place of wait behind a prop that shapes the entry to the office and simultaneously it works as exhibitor of the products of the brands.

Author: República Portátil
Construction: República Portátil in collaboration with students of the University of the Bío-Bío.
Students team: Anabella Benavides, Patricio Ortega, Andrea Navarro, Rocío Vásquez, Nicolás Moraga, Francois Loubies, María Fernanda Saavedra, Bárbara Soto, Gabriel Burgos.
Program: Oficina Comercial
Year: 2015
Location: Calle Nataniel Cox 1395, Barrio Franklin, Santiago de Chile
Client: Club Mate Chile – ZambóAssaí
Materials: Madera Pino y Tela
Constructive system: Structure of double wood prop-girder with strips of dry brushed pine; Tabiquería of wood with coating in ground cloth, gummed 600 black and gray color.
Lighting: System of lighting with recycled lamps restored and constructed in work.
Furniture: Furniture in wood and fabric constructed in work.
Photography: Gino Zavala Bianchi

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