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The project is based on a reform of some offices for an advisory in Petrer (Alicante, Spain), located in the meeting between Calle Elche and Avenida de Elda, with 141 m2.

The design is created through a distribution based on visual and spatial communication, thus developing two spaces of use and different characteristics. The first, an open and open space for general inquiries and procedures where we find the waiting room, reception, work and storage areas. The second consists of three closed wooden cubes for more specific and personal advice, consisting of two offices and a meeting room. These three cubes communicate visually with the opposite area through large glass cloths that allow the passage of natural light, thus providing sunlight in all work rooms. Within the interstices that generate the cubes we find a toilet and an auxiliary office.

The differentiation of the spaces is offered by the materials and the way of using them. The most public area stands out for the wooden pavement, extending to the outer face of the cubes, covering them and integrating the access doors to them. The most private rooms are governed by the pure and clean design. The porcelain flooring creates a clear and elegant atmosphere, to which a fresh touch is added with the corporate colors carried by the slats of the front wall.

The open space workplaces are arranged in parallel to the cubes and there is a visual connection between the employees. Among these positions, planters are created that enhance naturalness, providing color, strengthening the personality of the space and creating a healthier and happier environment.

Artificial lighting travels through the entire area of the open area offering a continuous beam of light throughout the entire roof, making greater changes of meaning on the workplaces and on reception to thus have more lumens on these areas than so require.

Work: Casado & Pujol Offices
Author: Pablo Muñoz Paya Arquitectos
Collaborators: Nuria Casas, Cristina Morales, Natacha Parras, Sonia García
Year: 2017
Location: Petrer, Alicante, Spain
Photography: Pablo Muñoz Paya Arquitectos

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