Do not die without going to Ronchamp. Sáenz de Oíza

Teacher of teachers, Oíza left in the classrooms of the School of Architecture of Madrid the essence of his thought, defined by him itself as contradictory. Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oíza, was born in Cáseda (Navarre) but it grew up in Seville. His father, also architect, asked for the movement to Madrid, with the whole family, in order that Oíza could study architecture.

Do not die without going to Ronchamp it enters the legend of the personage and in the narrow relation that it supported with the sculptor and poet Jorge Oteiza, whom it knew at the beginning of the 50s in Aranzazu, and which relation was kept up to the end of his days. It was precisely Oteiza who, in the last months of life of the architect, said to him that he should visit the chapel that Corbusier had raised in the northwest of France and gave origin to this mythical phrase “Don´t die without going to Ronchamp”.

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