Manners of seeing

This book reveals how our manners of seeing concern our way of interpreting. In concrete he analyzes four aspects of the interpretation of the oil paint: his origin related to the sense of the property, the continued position of the woman as pictorial object, the relation between the visual inheritance of the painting and the current and, advertising finally, the transformation of the meaning of the original work in the frame of his multiple reproductions. With the years, Manners of seeing it has turned into an indispensable title of the theory of the art and of the visual communication.

John Berger (London, 1926) was formed in the Head office School of Arts of London. After devoting itself to give lessons of drawing, it began to write critique of art and soon it changed his record into the novel, the test, the poetry, the theatre and the cinematographic and television script. For more than thirty years it lives and is employed at a people of the High Savoy. There has collaborated in different projects with Jean Mohr, Alain Tunner, Nella Bielski, John Christie or his own daughter Katya. John Berger does not consider the writing to be a profession, but as a way of approximation to the experienced thing. Between his studies on art translated they find the Castilian To look, Manners of seeing and Another way of counting (with Jean Mohr), all of them published by Publishing house Gustavo Gili.

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